Creating Useful Furniture and Decor Out of Yard Sale Finds


When redecorating your home, one of the first things you should consider is repurposing items you already have, or items you find that can help enhance your style. While most people immediately start looking for new things, knowing how to create functional furniture or décor will not only save you money, but will allow you to construct a style all your own.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Lighting
    One of the easiest projects that can quickly transform a room is lighting. You can make customized table lamps with almost anything you can attach wiring and a socket to. A cool trick is to take the base of a cute vintage lamp, repaint it and add a great lamp shade.
  • Dressers
    Good wood dressers can be used in several ways, from changing the color to using it as a television stand. Depending on the type of dresser it is, a portion can be cut to create cubby sections. You can also use the drawers to create a cool shelving unit.
  • Display shelves
    There are so many different items you can find at yard sales to create unique and memorable pieces. Specialty hardcover books make great display shelves. All you have to do is find decorative brackets to finish the statement look.
  • Coffee and side tables
    Take a couple of dresser drawers, paint them, add legs and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you find an old suitcase, paint it, add legs and a shelf at the bottom to create a side table that’s not only functional, but a conversation piece.
  • Chairs
    Vintage chairs are always a good find. With a little sanding, new varnish and upholstery, you’ll create a welcome addition to your space. Recovering items provides the flexibility to use any design or color scheme that appeals to you.
  • Accessories
    Accessories bring out the best in any space. Old game pieces create new and inventive ways to accentuate your design. For instance, use Scrabble letters to make coasters or picture frames of different sizes. You can even paint the pieces to add color.
  • Pet beds
    You can find a variety of items to repurpose and make beds for your pets. Even if you find an old one, recovering it and adding a little bling can go a long way.

Taking the time to assess your style can help when looking for items to redecorate. One person’s trash is always someone else’s treasure when they know what to do with it. All it takes is a little creativity.

Now that you’ve found all those hidden treasures, it’s time to give your new pieces the “display case” they deserve: your dream home from Landmark 24 Homes. Contact us today!