Doing Some Home Renovations? Don’t Forget Your Pets!


It’s no secret – most people consider their pets as part of the family. If you’re thinking about doing renovations, you can’t make plans without factoring in their well-being. From flooring to their own accommodations, it’s important to build in special sections so they will feel like they have a space.

Why would you need to have a separate space for your pet?

Just like with your kids, wouldn’t you have a special room or space for your pets? One where they could spend time – instead of in those places you’d rather they not stake their claim. Just like people, pets can be territorial. Creating their own space will help alleviate that.

What are some trends to consider when doing home renovations?
There are quite a few design ideas to ponder. These include:

  • Hidden litter boxes
    Hidden litter boxes are a growing trend. They offer privacy from visitors and can be designed to look like furniture. Additionally, there are some designs where cats have their own rooms inside the garage with private access.
  • Pet retreats
    Because pets are like family, they deserve the best too, right? The possibilities are endless! Indoor pet retreats are an additional option that gets decked out with lockable exterior access doors, drinking fountains, doggy showers and automatic feeders.
  • Platform beds
    These are very convenient for pets who live indoors. Attached to the wall, they are less expensive than designer pet beds.
  • Wood floors
    Wood floors are much easier to clean when pets have accidents. High-end linoleum is also a great choice and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • Cat trees and ramps
    You may be wondering, what’s a cat tree? Imagine something from floor-to-ceiling that looks like a column covered in carpet. A cat ramp is like a set of stairs that run up a wall and meet a shelf. Cats really need their own space and can have the run of the land with both of these options.
  • Heated floors
    Heated floors feel amazing to humans, so why wouldn’t they feel just as good to a cat or dog? If you’re adding all the comforts to the home, your cat or dog will benefit from this perk too.
  • Doggy overlook
    Dogs always want to know what their owners are doing. This allow the dog to observe the action from the second floor.
  • Benches with removable covers
    Everyone loves a good built-in. These are perfect for storing all the toys and supplies for your pets without them having to be seen by everyone. Removable covers make this a convenient option in addition to some of the other suggestions.

These awesome tips can make a huge difference when considering how to take care of your pets and create spaces they will love. After all, renovations are for the entire family.

For more information on adding creative spaces for your pets in your new home, contact Landmark 24 Homes for a consultation today!