5 Tips on Establishing a Homeschooling Space in your Home


The rapid spread of COVID-19 almost instantly transformed the way we live, and it has impacted how our children learn. Rather than heading to classrooms for education, our homes have transitioned from places of rest to spaces where youngsters are homeschooled. If you’re not routinely a homeschooling parent and this is a first-time effort, these five tips can help you set up a dedicated learning space with ease.

1. Keep Comfort in Mind

As parents, we are often uncertain what type of learning environments are most conducive for our children’s creative and educational needs. However, it’s been shown that when kids are comfortable, they tend to have better focus. You’ll want to have seating that can be used for extended periods of studying without causing stiffness and restlessness, and don’t forget to include seating for the “teacher.” Make sure tables are properly situated at the youngsters level, as well.

2. Maintain a Clutter-Free Space

Nothing is as distracting as clutter—especially when dealing with youngsters with short attention spans. Keeping your homeschooling area clean and free of clutter helps promote an atmosphere that helps maintain focus on the task at hand. Consider removing any games and other items that overwhelm the senses or use bookcases, tables and strategic coverings to hide them from sight.

3. Have Ample School Supplies on Hand

The best classrooms begin with having the right supplies on hand to promote the learning process. Put up a dry erase board or a chalkboard, have plenty of paper, classroom texts, crayons, workbooks, pens, pencils and any tools needed for each lesson. You might be teaching music, art, science, and math all in one day, so be prepared to homeschool in a space equipped with what you need for each day’s scheduled session.

4. Keep School and Study Areas Well Organized

Organization is key to keeping those supplies where they need to be in addition to keeping the study area free from clutter. Employ the use of baskets and shelves combined with drawers that will allow you to store books and all of your tools nearby in a neat fashion. Every minute counts for homeschooling parents, so being able to quickly locate what you need for a lesson will ease your stress and allow your kids to work without unnecessary disruptions.

5. Create an Inviting and Rewarding Environment

Depending on the age of your children, you’ll want to create an inviting space that’s appropriate for their age level. Small children tend to appreciate visually stimulating colors and be rewarded with viewable charts and perks for meeting milestones. They often take pride in seeing their work displayed on a wall or cork board in your home classroom.

Of course, tweens and teens will prefer a different environment, and some parents opt to create separate rooms or areas to accommodate the needs of mixed households with children of distinctly different age groups. A bit of trial and error for novice homeschooling parents will be necessary until you get the hang of what works and what doesn’t.

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