5 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home


Moving into a new home can be an exhausting process, and the idea of delving right in and making your new space ‘yours’ can seem overwhelming. However, moving forward to make things feel cozy for the family is the best way to streamline the transition. These five tips can help establish a home-sweet-home feeling in no time.

1. Maintain Your Usual Routine

One of the best ways to feel at home in a new dwelling is to maintain as much of your former routines as possible. If you usually take coffee on the porch or have a tendency to place keys or bags in a certain area, continue with those traditions. Not only will your mind and body appreciate the familiarity of your routine, but it helps the family settle in with less stress overall.

2. Introduce Familiar Smells and Sounds

Getting comfortable in a new home is much easier when familiar sights, smells and sounds are present. The smell of a nice candle, a burning fireplace or the nuances of a home-cooked meal on the stove can quickly provide the comforting feel of home. Adding the sounds of your favorite song can quickly introduce a more joyful feeling to the space—even if walls are still bare.

3. Prepare Meals at Home

In addition to invoking familiar smells and helping the family settle into a routine, making meals at home helps everyone stay connected as they get comfortable in the new environment. While ordering takeout might be the easiest option after a long day of unpacking, the kitchen is where the heart of a home is, so the faster you start creating new memories over meals, the sooner you’ll settle in.

4. Add Plants or Flowers

One of the easiest ways to make a new home feel fresh and homey is to bring in a few strategically chosen plants. Plants help clean the air and introduce a welcoming visual appeal to the home. In fact, plants and flowers have been proven to have a positive impact on mood in addition to lowering stress levels. As a bonus, choose a few flowering plants that will continually add color and fragrance into the home.

5. Don’t Delay Getting Organized

Looking at boxes and unpacked bags for weeks will be a constant reminder that you have just moved, and it’s hard to feel at home while living in a makeshift fashion. Taking some time to get organized allows you to find what you need with greater ease. Put away your most utilized items first but avoid delaying unpacking the rest too long or you are likely to lose steam. If you want to leave behind the memories of moving and truly get started with life in your new home, organization is key.

Finding the perfect home in itself can be challenging, but our team at Landmark 24 Homes is ready to help families find the home of their dreams in Georgia or South Carolina. If you plan to buy or sell a home in the near future, we are here to serve your needs.