Tips to Maximize Space in a New Home


Open spaces give a home a light, airy feel and make the home more pleasant to be in as well as easier to move around. An interior decorators trick that can benefit every room is to arrange the furniture and decorative accessories around a focal point. The focal point can be as easy as a wall painted a strong color against an otherwise neutral palette or the placement of any impressive piece that draws the eye to it. Here are more ideas to maximize the space in your home.


A good place to start this configuration is in the entryway. The entry way is the first stop for family, friends and guests, so make it a space that gives a good first impression of the entire home.

The first thing to consider is the size of the space – you want to keep everything to scale. Don’t overwhelm a small space with huge items of furniture. A larger space offers more flexibility to maximize space, but do keep it open and airy.

A bench is a good addition and invites people to sit while they take off and put on shoes, and a mirror will add a more spacious feel. Make use of vertical shelving to put things like shoes, keys and scarves. Wall hooks can hang raincoats, overcoats, hats and umbrellas. Whatever you choose, plan to make your entryway bright, cheery and welcoming.


Before you do any reorganization in the kitchen, gather up all the utensils, pots, pans, and dishes that haven’t been used in the last year. Put them in a box and take them to Goodwill or the charity of your choice. These items are useless clutter and have no place in a streamlined kitchen. It’s a good idea to do this sort of purging once a year to keep the entire home uncluttered.

Look carefully around the room, open cabinets and check out any unused wall space. These are areas where creative storage ideas may loom. No matter how awkward a space is, there is a probably a solution to it that is just waiting for you at your local container or home improvement store. Again, the kitchen can be another space where vertical storage can come into play with the use of either open or closed shelving – open shelving for attractive items like dishes and glassware and closed shelving for the not-so-attractive utilitarian  items.

Get as much clutter as you can off the counters and floors and put the items in your newly designed storage options to open up the space as much as possible and ease traffic flow.

Living Room and Family Room 

Since these rooms get the most traffic, keep a clear pathway throughout the rooms. This can be accomplished by arranging the furniture in such a way that the room is easy to navigate. Use multipurpose furniture pieces like ottomans with lift-up lids and storage beneath, sofa beds, and a coffee table that also serves as storage space, such as a vintage steamer trunk. Coffee tables with built-in storage are available in many styles and materials.

Again, thinking vertically, books, games and DVDs can be stored on open shelving built up the wall. This type of system makes these items easy to see and retrieve and also easy to put back in place when no longer used. Paint the shelves the same color as the wall and they will appear to be built-in.


This is another place where multipurpose furniture is a huge bonus. There are beds with storage underneath as well as drawers on the sides and nightstands that incorporate lots of storage. Even a headboard can have shelves, either open or closed, to store books, school supplies and toys.

If your closet seems to be lacking space, there are many products on the market to bring optimum organization and space saving to even the smallest closet. Utilizing wall space with shelves, bins, and racks at alternating heights can maximize your storage options.

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