How to Breathe Life into an Empty Nest


Perhaps you have had thoughts of activities and hobbies you always wanted to take part in but neither had the time nor the space to carry them out. Turn an empty bedroom into an arts and crafts room or that extra space in the garage into a compact wood shop. Move your home office out of that kitchen corner into a room where it can actually be a full-blown home office, and maybe start that home-based business that’s been lurking in the back of your mind.

Toss out that old, worn furniture and buy some new, finer quality furniture, maybe in a light color that you never dared to own when your children were running rambunctiously around the house. Put that lovely new furniture on a newly carpeted floor or change from carpet to hardwood floors throughout the entire home. Roll on some fresh paint; nothing breathes new life in a room like paint.

Make the home more compatible to hosting the all-adult parties you are sure to have more of. Put in a wine rack, wine cooler or a wet bar in the room where most of the entertainment takes place and think about having visitors more often now that you have the time and space to do so.


If you have decided that your current home is just too big, or if you have plans to relocate and move into a smaller, more manageable home, you will want to take steps to increase your current home’s curb appeal to bring in as many buyers as possible and get the best price you can.

Even if you are not downsizing but are staying in your home, fixing up the exterior of your home is always a good idea and can even be fun. You might find yourself taking up a new hobby of gardening, which is not only good for the body, mind and soul, but also for the curb appeal.

Take a good look at the exterior of the home. Does the siding look old and worn? Is the front of the house bland and unexciting? Can a stranger figure out where the entrance is?

Perhaps you can’t put up siding yourself, but you can make that front door shine by painting it a new, bright color to better define the entranceway. You can make the front porch more inviting with tables and chairs or a porch swing in complementary colors to the home’s exterior. Paving stones are a nice exterior touch and can also help define the entrance to the home. 

As an empty nester, you can travel more whether far, far away in exotic lands or an overnight trip to some place local you have long wanted to visit but never have. You and your spouse and/or friends can take up a new sport like golf, tennis or kayaking. The world is yours. Enjoy it.

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