Leftover Turkey Recipes


No matter how many sacks of food you send home with guests, half of Thanksgiving dinner still remains in your refrigerator. Turkey sandwiches and turkey soups are only appealing for so long. Be innovative this year and try some of the many delicious things you can do with leftover turkey, stuffing, yams and cranberry sauce. 


Everybody loves pasta, and, fortunately, turkey and pasta go well together. Try these recipes and you are sure to go looking for similar dishes. They are that good.

  • Turkey stuffed shells makes use of your turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes all in one dish and takes only 25 minutes to put together. 
  • Turkey spaghetti casserole uses leftover turkey, is loaded with vegetables and will become everyone’s favorite comfort food. 
  • Turkey mushroom  tetrazzini is a classic worth making any time of year.

Turkey a la Mexico 

Turkey blends beautifully with Mexican cuisine and gives a delightful twist to tried-and-true Mexican fare such as tacos, enchiladas and burritos. For the more daring cook, here are completely new and inventive dishes to please just about everybody. 

  • Turkey carnitas transform leftover turkey shreds into crispy carnitas minus the lard and time involved with traditional pork carnitas. This recipe requires only 20 minutes of the cook’s time and will get raves from everyone lucky enough to be at the table on Mexican night.
  • Turkey roll-ups are not enchiladas because the recipe uses mushroom soup instead of the traditional enchilada sauce. For a dish with a preparation time of a scant 20 minutes, this is a sure winner in every cook’s repertoire.
  • Southwestern turkey casserole is really a version of chilaquiles without having to make that complicated salsa verde or roja. This is very easy to prepare and incredibly tasty with a universal appeal. 

Turkey for Breakfast 

Here you can let your imagination run wild with turkey hash made of leftover stuffing and fried eggs. If your family is devoted to eggs benedict, make it with turkey slices instead of ham and turkey gravy instead of hollandaise. Make turkey sausage with finely chopped turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and bind it all together with eggs and yams. Fry some diced turkey with onions and sage to make a delicious and unusual omelet. Use eggs, turkey, stuffing, cranberries and your imagination to come up with exciting dishes your family will look forward to in the morning – or as dinner fare. Turkey can truly be a blank canvas and can brighten up the same old meals, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Leftover turkey can be used in so many dishes in such a variety of ways; don’t wait until after Thanksgiving to try some of these recipes. Furthermore, use your own imagination to make something great with turkey throughout the year. 

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