Helping Kids Plan a Memorable Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is the perfect time for children to show their mom just how much they appreciate her and all she does for them every day. Young children will probably need a bit of help, but it will be well worth it for everyone involved. Mother’s Day, after all, is a family affair.

Tips for a Memorable Mother’s Day

Remember, this day is all about mom, so do everything especially for her. Here are some ideas to help you and the kids get started.


Christmas in May
We all look forward to that wonderful morning surprise on Christmas day. Create a similar feeling by surreptitiously decorating the kitchen with spring-like garlands and flowers the night before. When mom comes for that first cup of coffee, she is welcomed with a lovely surprise.

Breakfast or Brunch
Start the day with what she likes to eat for breakfast or brunch. This does not have to be elaborate or even home-cooked. There are delicious breads and pastries in local markets to choose from as well as freshly-squeezed orange juice and pre-cut fruits. Add some champagne to the juice for a festive mimosa, make a pot of coffee with her favorite flavorings in the coffee or creamer.

Hand-Made Gifts
Mothers love to receive gifts that their children made themselves. Cards, ceramics, drawings, or hand-made jewelry are always appreciated and help set this day apart from any other.

Me Time
Maybe mom would really appreciate some “me” time. After all the hours she spends looking after her family each day, she may delight in some time spent all to herself. Take her to a day spa for a pampering treat, or leave her alone in the den to binge watch her favorite TV show or movie that you rented from Netflix or recorded for her on the DVR. Add drinks and snacks she favors to make it even more delightful.

Family Activities
For mothers whose sole ambition is to spend the day with family, engage in her favorite activities together. If she likes to hike, walk in the park, go on a bicycle ride or take a day trip, do that with her and stop for a picnic lunch – that she won’t have to prepare or clean up.

Favorite Restaurant
If all that is a bit too active for mom, take her out to lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant –

and make sure the children are on their best behavior.

The point of Mother’s Day is to show her love and appreciation by making the day very special and memorable for her. It’s a sure thing that the whole family will enjoy the day – almost as much as she does. Make memories that will last a lifetime in your new Landmark 24 home.