Creating a Coffee Bar at Home


Because our days can be so hectic, it’s nice to start them off with something comforting and tasty. It is even nicer if you don’t have to get dressed to venture out for your morning pick-me-up. This is where your in-home coffee bar comes in.

Where to put the Coffee Bar and What to Stock it With

The kitchen counter would be a great space for the coffee station if there is room. But there are other places in the kitchen or even another room which would serve very well for the bar. A coffee bar can be as small or as large as your taste and your space allows. The bar can also be simple or as extravagant as you desire. It’s up to you and your preferences, the design style of your home and the organization of your kitchen. Whatever it turns out to be, it must be easy to use and offer tasty treats.

The Simple Style

The simple coffee bar can probably fit in a space on most kitchen counters. The coffee maker could be placed in a corner underneath a cabinet which holds mugs, coffee and tea k-cups, or depending on the coffee maker; ground coffee and tea bags. Since this is a simple style of coffee bar, keep the accessories simple. Use powdered cream, perhaps in different flavors, and powdered sugars. Don’t forget to put tasty treats like individually wrapped biscotti, breakfast cookies, scones and muffins in the cabinet within easy reach.

All you need now are spoons and an electric water heater for the tea.  Place these items next to the coffee maker on the counter for a no-fuss but tasty and welcoming morning retreat.

The More Elaborate Style

For those who want to emulate the pricey coffee shops seen all over the globe, here are some ideas for you. This premium version of the coffee bar will demand more space for the different types of coffee makers, real cream and sugar in china containers and other various accessories. The electric and non-electric coffee brewers might include:

  • An expresso machine
  • A fully automated espresso machine
  • A coffee bean grinder or a coffee maker which includes the bean grinder
  • A coffee maker using k-cups
  • A standard coffee maker – no k-cups
  • A Moka pot
  • A French press
  • An electric percolator
  • A milk frother
  • An electric water boiler for tea

All of this might be put on a separate table in the kitchen with shelving above to hold coffee mugs, tea cups and saucers, a creamer and sugar bowl, spoons, napkins and breakfast treats. A corner cabinet with a counter on top and shelving above is an ideal solution if the kitchen offers that opportunity.

Even though this set up may require substantial space and many electrical outlets,  it will offers the true connoisseur everything they can dream of without leaving the house.

Another practical solution is a coffee cart that can be rolled anywhere; yet can be stored in an out-of-the-way place, like a utility or laundry room, and rolled out in the morning anywhere you want to start your day or any time you have a craving for coffee.

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