Keeping Pets Comfortable in Summer Heat


Your pets get hot and thirsty just like you do. Keep them comfortable with plenty of water and shade –  but that is just the beginning.

Of course, your dog wants to go with you whenever you get in the car. But if you are going on an excursion where Fido will be stuck in the car for any time at all, better leave him back home with the air conditioning and water bowl.

Grooming for Hot Weather

Proper grooming is important in summer heat, but it doesn’t mean a close shave no matter how thick that ball-of-fur’s hair is. Many dogs are double-coated, and that top layer actually helps insulate him. Also, any dog or cat is protected from sunburn by the fur.

If you think your pet would feel better in the summer with less hair, take him to a professional groomer who knows how much and where to be the most effective for keeping your pet cool.

Cats vs. Dogs vs. Heat

Dogs are more at risk than cats when the weather heats up. Cats will find a cool place to chill out and take a nap. Dogs will see an open spot in a park or field and start running around like crazy. This is obviously not a good idea, so keep that exercise freak on a leash in hot weather if you are out in the open for any length of time.

Summer Gear for Dogs and Cats

There are several items on the market to keep your dog cool and comfortable in the summer months, including:

  • Cooling collars
  • Cooling vests
  • Cooling beds
  • Cooling shoes to keep their paws comfortable on hot surfaces

These things are not made for cats. Cats can have strollers to keep them cool when you must move them around, water fountains for a continuous supply of cool water and brushes to remove excess hair.

Frozen Treats

Frozen Treats are a great way to keep your pets cool and happy during the summer. Freeze chicken and beef broth in ice cube trays for a treat both cats and dogs will love. If you are going to be away for a while, the night before you leave, fill a bowl about ¾ full of water and put it in the freezer. The next day put it alongside the other food and water dishes to supplement the water supply until you return.

For dogs, frozen beans, peas and carrots are a refreshing treat mixed in with their food. You can also take a hollow bone toy such as a Kong, fill it with peanut butter, chicken broth and beef jerky and freeze it overnight. Your dog will love it. Don’t stop there, you can fill the Kong with anything your dog finds delightful and do the same thing to keep him happy and healthy throughout the dog days of summer.

A kiddie pool placed in the yard is a great coolant for when he is outside and most dogs love to splash around in water anywhere they can find it.

These tips are easy to follow and will keep you and your pets comfortable and happy throughout those long, hot summer months.

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