Preserving Your Outdoor Living Space


You have put a lot of thought, time and money into that outdoor “living room.” Don’t let the elements spoil this attractive, comfortable space. There are ways to keep it beautiful and welcoming for many years of enjoyment despite the weather, no matter how elaborate the furnishings.

The Simple Outdoor Space

A simple space might include a large wooden deck with outdoor furniture for lounging and dining, and perhaps a fire ring. It may also include an awning covering the entire deck or umbrellas over the individual furniture pieces to keep the occupants shaded and comfortable. Shade not only keeps people cooler but also does a good job of protecting the furniture underneath from sun damage.

Preserving outside furniture and decks is not a one-time thing.

  • Decks should be treated with deck stain every couple of years.
  • Metal furniture needs to be waxed often with paste wax to keep rust away.
  • Wood and wicker furniture need to be painted or stained every couple of years using exterior-type paints or stains.
  • The canvas on chairs, awnings and umbrellas should be cleaned with upholstery cleaner whenever soil appears, or they look dingy.
  • Shake out outdoor rugs often and clean them with a brush and soap and water as needed. To rinse, hose them off and put them in a place where they can dry thoroughly, such as a sloping driveway. If they hold water too long, they will attract mildew.

The More Elaborate Outdoor Living Room Space

These outdoor rooms are actually porches that have a roof and may be somewhat protected from the elements by walls and screening or drapes.

To help protect your belongings, choose weatherproof materials when possible for furniture, upholstery, rugs and accessories. However, there will be some items you love that are begging to be part of the outdoor décor. You don’t have to pass them up; there are ways to protect them – even artwork and wood furniture.

  • Paint or stain wood furniture with the exterior version of the product.
  • Place vulnerable pieces such as anything electrical or anything most susceptible to the adverse effects of weather near the interior walls for added protection.
  • You can use artwork, such as posters, prints or even watercolors or oils in an outside environment as long as they are laminated. You can either do your own laminating or take it to any frame or art shop to have it done for you.

For all other items, treat them the same as if they were completely outside as in the former example.

The great thing about an outside living area is it expands the home’s square footage and gives you an alternate place to relax and entertain family and friends for a welcomed change with the warmer weather. In temperate climates, you may be able to be outside year-round for true indoor-outdoor living.

The Temperate Region of the Southeastern United States

Landmark 24 communities of Georgia and South Carolina offer easy living where indoor-outdoor living is possible most of the year. To investigate these possibilities, visit the Landmark 24 Homes Design Gallery and see for yourself how wonderful life can be all year round.