Home Design Trends for 2019


2019 rings in an organic and colorful trend in home décor. Gone are most of the geometrics and cool grays. Say hello to florals, subtly nuanced jewel tones, warmer neutrals, and stark black and white. This is the year to bring Mother Nature indoors.

The Kitchen 

Since the kitchen is apt to be the center of the home, it may be the most important room to consider updating for an existing house or when thinking of customizing projects. The newest look for kitchens are backsplashes that are not only more vivid, but have also become taller.

Backsplashes can be the focal point in the kitchen instead of an afterthought. Terrazzo materials are out this year. Hiding appliances behind custom cabinetry is very much in.

The look now is in keeping with the organic vibe by covering appliances with natural wood cabinetry, although hunter green is a color that’s trending for kitchens.

If you prefer door pulls on the cabinets and drawers instead of the sleeker no-pull look, choose pulls of leather or wood in keeping with the natural ambience.

Other Rooms

The new look throughout homes is handcrafted furniture and accessories fashioned out of natural elements like wood, glass, stone, metals and plants such as reed and bamboo. In direct contrast to this, but well paired, are rich fabrics like velvet and damask in richer colors. Florals and wavy lines are also a part of this newly arrived decorative scheme. Think about:

  • Rugs in sisal, cotton and other natural materials
  • Botanical prints on the walls
  • Furniture upholstered in deep, richly colored velvet or damask
  • Vintage and/or handmade lighting fixtures in natural materials
  • Window coverings in floral designs or artisanal pieces using plant materials
  • Floorings of wood or stone
  • Bold, handcrafted accessories
  • Walls with wood, metal or stone accents, perhaps as a focal point in a large room

You are probably seeing a pattern of natural elements as well as handcrafted items used throughout every room in the house. This is the main thrust of the new décor design.

However, to make the look even more fun and refreshing, these newly acquired pieces should be juxtaposed with contrasting items. Add geometric shapes, cool neutrals and textured man-made materials to the interior not only to make it your own, but to keep it from looking cookie-cutter.

Besides, everyone has treasured family heirlooms and beloved stuff picked up at flea markets and antique stores that they have discovered along the way. These make every home warmer, more attractive and more personal.  

Landmark 24 Communities in Georgia and South Carolina

So keep your black and white, your geometrics and your cool neutrals. Just add some pizazz with these trending ideas. And while you are at it, check out the design gallery at Landmark 24 Homes for some more outstanding home décor ideas.