Keeping Kids Busy During Summer Break


Summer is meant for kids to spend time outside in the fresh, warm air. For parents, though, the long, hot summer break with kids at home can be daunting. Don’t get stressed, get creative.

Consider those perennial summer favorites: gardening, building a fort and setting up a lemonade stand.

Plant a Garden

Gardens are not only fun to plant; they can keep the kids busy all summer taking care of their plot. Some summer plantings to consider are sunflowers, carrots and pumpkins. The kids will learn some ABCs of planting a garden as well as maintaining it. When it comes time to reap the harvest, they have the fruits of their labor to enjoy and maybe even a pumpkin big enough to carve for Halloween.

Sell Lemonade

Of course to sell lemonade, there must be a lemonade stand to not only serve the drinks, but also to advertise the product. Build one simple enough for the kids to join in and help. It can be as simple as a wooden crate with a sign on top to let everybody know about the product for sale. Make sure the surface is spacious enough to hold the lemonade pitcher, ice, glasses, napkins and “cash register.” Paint it whatever color the kids like, and be sure to put the price somewhere on the stand. This is a great way to introduce your budding entrepreneurs to the business world, no matter how young they are.

Build a Fort

If the area you live in warrants it, build a fort outdoors in a secluded spot, so only those “in the know” or specially invited are allowed in. The right location for the fort is more important than what it is built with, and the best location for this type of fort is a hidden one. It could be hiding in bushes, under a tree, or if they are really lucky, in a cave-like opening in a hill or brushy area.

This is a rustic fort, so materials should be rustic as well. Used boards and fallen tree limbs are good, but if there is no access to that, cardboard, while not weatherproof, does the trick nicely. One of the great things about a fort, besides the fun of building it and using it as a clubhouse or whatever, is the solitude it provides for those moments when a child wants to be alone.

There are, of course, other fort options besides the rustic, secluded type. They can be out in the open and as elaborate as a treehouse that can actually be lived in, or as simple as pitching a tent.

Indoor forts are fun too and can be as uncomplicated as draping blankets around floor lamps or pitching a tent indoors.

For more indoor fun, building a city with legos® is good for hours of creative fun. Kids can also entertain themselves for hours with board games. They will usually come up with their own rules, adding variety to the game that its creator never would have imagined.

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