Fun Pool Games for Kids


Swimming is something most kids look forward to on hot summer days. But for hours of fun, variety is what keeps it all going. Kids are inventive, and together they will create their own fun. If they need a little creative push, though, introduce them to these pool games where even the littlest ones can be welcome, happy participants.

Unstructured Pool Play

There are some really fun inflatables on the market today at very reasonable prices. There are pool noodles, inflatable water slides, a large variety of ride-on floating toys in the shape of animals, boats, or just plain inner tube and raft styles. Give the kids something to float on and some pool noodles, then watch how imaginative they can be as they invent their own games. Some suggestions to get them going:

  • Grab an inflatable raft or float and try to tip each over with pool noodles.
  • Start a race across the pool using only rafts, floats, inner tubes and any other flotation device they can conjure up.
  • Use water blaster toy guns to try to squirt each off their floats.
  • Go down the water slide and try to land on an inflatable without hitting the water first.

Inflatables provide cool fun for hours on a hot summer day.

More Structured Pool Games

Variety is a good thing to keep kids happy and occupied on long, summer days, so pool games can be a nice alternative to floating around on an inflatable, swimming and diving. Also, kids don’t seem to get together and play as much as they used to, given all the electronic devices that are so readily accessible, so this is a great way to get them interacting and get some exercise as well.

Pool basketball is always a hit, as is beach ball toss-and-catch. For more exotic games, try some of these.

Sharks and Minnows

One child plays the shark and stands in the center of the pool. The other kids are minnows. When the shark yells, “Go,” the minnows jump in the pool and try to get past the shark without being tagged.

The tagged minnows are out of the game and play no more. At the very end, there will the shark vs. one untagged minnow battling it out for bragging rights. Everybody in the game gets their turn to play the shark.

Diving for Treasure

An adult or big kid throws a bunch of coins into the pool. The kids dive in to retrieve the coins and the winner is the one who has the most money, not necessarily the largest number of coins. Therefore, each diver must add up the value of their coins to determine who is the big winner. The littlest ones are allowed to seek mathematical help.

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