Choosing an Area Rug for your Space


Nothing perks up a space like the punch of color or sublime serenity of an area rug, which should be considered “floor art” for the home. Area rugs add texture, warmth and beauty to any room. To help choose the best area rug for your home, begin by following these interior design rules:

  1. The rug should be placed between 6 inches and 2 feet from any wall.
  2. If the rug is going to sustain a lot of traffic – or you have kids or pets – it should be durable and easy to clean.
  3. Any furniture on the rug must fit comfortably within its perimeter and not hang over the edges.

After that, it’s all up to the imagination and taste of the person designing the space.

Designing an Empty Space Around an Area Rug

If the room is unfurnished, it is a valid design concept to start with the floor covering. The rug can be used as a palette for the walls and furnishings of the room. Pick a rug in colors you love and build the room’s décor around it. Don’t be put off if there is wall-to-wall carpet rather than hardwood. Just remember that an area rug works much better over short-pile or looped carpets.

When layering rug over rug, you want a texture and pattern variation. The area rug should be a noticeably different texture than the carpet beneath; if the carpet is patterned, there should be minimal to no pattern in the area rug. Beyond that, the rug can be any shape, color or texture and will be the basis for the room’s décor, furniture placement and ultimate traffic pattern. 

Adding an Area Rug to an Existing Room Design

An area rug can add life and interest to an existing room décor. In this case, take your design cues from the colors and textures already in the room. Don’t worry too much about furniture placement as that can usually be changed, but if you don’t want to repaint the room or change the flooring, choose colors that complement the walls and furniture. 

Defining Space Within the Room

Especially in a large room, if one area is set aside for a specific function, such as a home office, hobby center or study, an area rug can define the space and make it a more harmonious working environment. This nook could be small or large depending on space, but it should be kept to the scale of the room. It should be designated for a function separate from that of the rest of the room, be that a master bedroom, den, family room or even kitchen.

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