Prep for a Spring Garden


The key to creating a successful spring garden that lasts into the summer is to plan for it early. Visualize how your garden looked last year, and how you used it. Did some plants not thrive in that space? Were garden items difficult to get around? Perhaps some foliage was trampled because the area lacked a footpath, or the landscape was crying out for a water feature.

Planning Your Garden

Start by consulting a zone gardening map to select the best plants for your climate. Such resources offer valuable information on what to plant where, what type of soil is required, and whether plants do better in full, partial or no sun.

Next, draw a map of your future garden. Place all plants and garden décor including water features and hardscapes, on the map where they will look best and thrive. Don’t forget, keep delicate items away from summer activities such as a putting green, croquet court or horseshoe toss. Be sure to include those in the design as well.

Planting Calendar 

Create a planting calendar, noting when to plant each type of flower, plant or vegetable you selected based on the soil make-up and climate. Pick a day to do soil testing and buy any necessary garden equipment, fertilizers or soil additives. Putting this on your calendar will ensure that everything is available when you need it for a healthy head start on the growing season.

Whether you are new to gardening or have greenest thumb on the block, January is the perfect month to curl up with a good book – about gardening, of course. Choose one that fits your level of expertise to create an inspired outdoor space when the weather warms up.

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