Date Night Ideas for a Valentine’s Day at Home


Date Night Ideas for a Valentine’s Day at Home

A romantic evening at home for just the two of you can be much more intimate than the typical dinner and a movie date. Make the evening glow with activities, food and drink that hold fond memories for both of you.

If you can remember your first date, recreate the mood by serving the same thing you had for dinner, doing what you did before and after dinner, and expressing again how you felt about each other then. Turn your cell phones off and really talk to each other about that special night.

On the other hand, perhaps your first date was a monumental disaster, and the last thing you want to do is relive it. Or perhaps you have been together so long you cannot even remember what you did on your first date. If either of those scenarios fit your situation, pick any fond memory of an occasion or event you have shared and celebrate those moments.

How to Bring Back the Romance

Romance and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. You could opt for the expensive candlelight dinner of your favorite, decadent, rarely consumed food and drink such as lobster, filet and champagne. Or put on some romantic, danceable tunes and dance the night away. You could make the dinner together or be truly extravagant and have it delivered by a fine restaurant.

Your romantic vision might also be much more casual with pizza, beer and Netflix being the answer for your special night in. Again, you could make the pizza together or have it delivered by your favorite pizzeria.

Inside Fun: Play Games for Two

Can you remember the fun you had together playing Yahtzee, Scrabble or double solitaire? Do it all again, but this time with fancy snacks and drinks you both enjoy, making it extra special. Perhaps you are both jigsaw puzzle fanatics. Put one together and instead of taking it apart and putting the pieces back in the box, glue your finished puzzle to a piece of thin wood, cardboard or other heavy paper and keep it as a souvenir of the memorable night you shared.

Outside Fun: Have a Picnic or a BBQ or…

Believe it or not, there are some climates in this country that allow comfortable outdoor activity, even in February. If you live in one of those regions, or if your area is experiencing particularly balmy weather this winter, you can take the festivities outside.

If the two of you like camping, there’s no need to wait for summer. Put up the tent in the backyard, get out the air mattresses, sleeping bags and camp-cooking equipment and pretend it’s August. The good thing about doing this near home is you can supplement the usual camp meals with either a sumptuous spread made in your kitchen or ordered online from a favorite restaurant’s menu. On the plus side, there are a lot fewer bugs this time of year. Finally, as an added special memory, compile a playlist of your favorite love songs and dance beneath the stars.

Maybe it’s snowing in February where you are. Then pitch a tent in the living room and carry on the same theme. The point is, make it yours and make it memorably romantic. You may even decide you want to make this an annual event; another fond memory to share. Spending time with the one you love, sharing memories of days gone by and exchanging cards and gifts will all make for a Valentine’s Day to remember.