Garage Organization Ideas


The purpose of a garage is to store vehicles to protect them from harmful elements when not in use. This purpose has been abandoned by many who use the garage as a place of storage for everything not readily needed such as holiday decorations, old toys and clothes. Because a garage is unseen by guests and any visitors, it can be disorganized and unsightly. None will be the wiser except the family who lives in the house and has no place to put their vehicles and are unable to find anything in the scramble that is their garage. There is help available.

Step One

First start by decluttering the entire garage and be ruthless. Throw out or giveaway anything broken, unusable, or unused for over a year. This includes, but is not limited to clothes that don’t fit, things you should have never bought in the first place, and those items you intended to use one day, but that day never came.

Separate things into three categories:

  1. Give to charity
  2. Sell in a yard sale
  3. Throw it away

What you will probably have left after accomplishing those three tasks are tools and hardware, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing that still fits some member of the family, car-maintenance products, assorted house paints and brushes, and garden supplies.

Step Two

Ger organized! The key to garage organization is an effective storage and retrieval system. Utilizing the concept of vertical storage, or using the walls and ceiling for storage will allow optimal floor space for the vehicles while keeping things tidy and within easy access.  Remember to put similar items together.  Storing like-items together will not only help you find them more easily but will also make it easier to put everything back in its proper place.

Types of Storage

Most of the items required for a garage reorganization plan can be bought off-the-rack at home improvement and hardware stores. You may have to do some customization for oddly sized or shaped objects that are unique to your household, but there is such a wide selection of shelving and storage containers available that the need for customization should be a rarity.

Don’t be afraid to repurpose and recycle odds and ends that you find in your attic, at yard sales or thrift shops to fit your specific needs. A heavy, old beat-up table can make a fine workbench with bin storage underneath that’s perfect for holding nails, screws and other small hardware necessities.

Containers you purchase new can be repurposed as well. A stacked bin holder meant for recycling trash can also be a great container system for out of season clothing. Use one bin per family member and label each of them with the family member’s name.

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