How to Honor Veterans


We honor veterans every day for the sacrifices they have made for this country, but it should be an even more personal, genuine outpouring of support on Veterans Day. One thing we can all do is communicate in some way with veterans to get to know them better and listen to the tales they want to tell. It’s an educational experience for the listener – and lets the veteran know that someone is interested. 

Here are other ways you and your family can make a positive impact on the well-being of both active military and veterans. 

Attend Parades 

Veterans Day parades are a tradition in communities large and small. People everywhere gather to individually and collectively pay tribute to the brave men and women who have undergone the hardships of military service for the benefit of our country. So, don’t just take the family on a picnic and play baseball. Take them to a parade and thank veterans in person for their invaluable contributions. 

In some small-town parades, the non-military citizen is allowed to join in the parade with a drum, a parade of dogs on leashes or a small marching band from the neighborhood. These impromptu events sometimes turn out to be the most touching. Don’t be afraid to join the festivities, be part of the celebration. You and the honored veterans will get even more enjoyment and meaning out of the participation. 

Disabled American Veterans 

This fine organization offers beneficial services to men and women who have suffered disabilities while fighting for our country. A few of the services provided are job programs, help with pensions and individual disability assistance. They receive no government funding; all funds are received through private donations. 

Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) 

This is a less well-known organization for seriously injured post-9/11 veterans. The mission of the HFOT is to build and donate special custom adapted homes all around the country for them and their caregivers so they can rebuild their lives. 

Once they retain the freedom of homeownership, many veterans have time to pursue their education or a trade. The number of veterans who are pursuing or have attained a degree or trade certification increased from 12 to 69 percent after moving into one of these specially appointed homes. This number increased even more dramatically for the caregivers/spouses, growing from 8 to 90 percent after being able to rest comfortably and recover fully in their own homes with no more worries about the safety and well-being of the veteran(s) in their care. 


The USO is famous for entertaining the troops, but there is another little-known service it provides around the holiday season. USO Operation Phone Home delivers $50 prepaid calling cards to troops so they can make up to 140 calls home during the holiday season, when it is most important to them and their friends and families. 

Special Discounts from Business Owners  

The businesses that offer discounts to veterans on Veterans Day, or every day, do all of us a service. Their advertisements remind us all that someone cares enough about our service members to single them out with a special price break. 

Other Homes for Our Troops 

Landmark 24 Homes builds attractive communities in South Carolina and Georgia with so many variations of floor plans and styles that one of them is sure to be perfect for the families of active or retired military personnel. Check out the homes and amenities offered by Landmark 24 communities and see for yourself why they are such a popular option for families of all sizes and ages.