Changing up a Space without Wallpaper or Lots of Paint


From time-to-time, we all look around our homes and find that the decorative touches in a room need some refreshing. There are many ways to make a room more exciting without making semi-permanent changes with paint or wallpaper. 

Decorating Walls with Fabric

Curtains aren’t just for windows. They can be used in many ways to either drape a pretend window or in lieu of a headboard in the bedroom.  Depending on the fabric chosen and how they are draped, they can change the mood of any room and always add a distinctive, unexpected touch. Curtains are great for adding texture and color to a wall without paint, wallpaper or artwork.

Tapestries and unusually patterned or textured fabrics are another way to add interest to a room. If you have a little artistic ability and a lot of imagination, you can make your own wall hanging with canvas and permanent ink markers. This makes a statement all your own and adds a personal touch and texture to a room. If you have a good eye but little artistic talent, go to a fabric store and pick out a design and texture you love and hang it on the wall or place it in a frame and use it that way. Fabrics make wonderful wall art everywhere in the home.

Decorating Walls with Temporary Decals and other Stick-Ons

Washi Tape is a Japanese rice-paper masking tape which comes in a large variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Washi tape is very durable, yet easy to remove and leaves no residue or marks. It is also inexpensive.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Wall Murals are temporary art for the walls that also come in a wide range of subjects, sizes and colors. They can be sports-themed for the man cave or budding Olympian or subtle and scenic for the living room or bedroom. The best part is that when you get tired of the mural and want to either change it out for another or do something entirely different with the wall, the mural will peel off easily and neatly.

Decorating with Stenciling and Patterning

Stencils can also be found in a variety of motifs and they all add class to a room. Stencils do not peel off like stick-ons. When you are ready for a change, paint over them and reapply some new stencils.

Patterned paint rollers are probably the easiest of all these decorative products to use. All you do is roll the pattern color and design over the background paint color and enjoy. There are several roller patterns to choose from, including floral, geometric, and patterns from nature. Just dip the patterned roller in the paint tray with the color of your choice and roll it on.

All of these decorative products are readily available online. Don’t hesitate to engage your creative side and start your temporary interior decor project. You may even like it so much it stays there for a very long time.


One of the benefits of being a homeowner is the ability to make changes to the walls and spaces in your home, whether they are temporary or permanent. The variety of home styles in our Landmark 24 communities are sure to fit most every person’s taste and budget, and updating the walls of your new home with any of these options will only add to its elegance and character. Contact us today to tour any of our model homes.