Why Adopt a Shelter Pet


Pets are always a welcome addition to the family for the companionship, fun and love they provide. If there are children in the home, pets also provide an excellent life-skill learning opportunity. Children are able to learn responsibility by caring for the pet, be encouraged and learn about friendship by the unconditional love the pet bestows upon them, and even when the beloved pet dies, they understand a bit more about the realities of life and death. Many of us cannot imagine life without one or more of these furry bundles of joy in our homes.

Fancy breeds from a private dog or cat breeding operation offer no more of the aforementioned qualities than a mixed-up mutt from an animal shelter.

One important difference between purchasing a cat or dog from a pet store rather than adopting one from a shelter is that puppy and kitty mills that supply the pet store with their pets are profit-making establishments. They churn out puppies and kittens as fast as they can to keep their businesses profitable. There is little thought to the welfare of the little creatures who can be in ill-health from the way they are treated or from inbreeding. They may also suffer from socialization difficulties due to the lack of human companionship.

What an Animal Shelter Can do for You

  1. Animal shelters do not specialize in one breed of animal; there is always a large variety of dogs and cats and even rabbits, ferrets and other species.
  2. The shelter has the resources to ensure all their animals are healthy, their vaccinations are current, and they are ready for a home when they are put up for adoption. They do this either with shelter volunteers or putting them in foster homes to learn social skills.
  3. There are not only young animals in shelters, so you don’t have to worry about housebreaking a puppy or having that cute kitty wreck your drapes and upholstery. There are apt to be older animals, too, that have usually been someone’s pet and are used to living inside with people and other animals.
  4. You will be saving their life by adopting them and giving them a good home.
  5. The cost for adopting a shelter pet is much less than purchasing one from a pet store. If the pet you fall in love with at the shelter happens to be a purebred, it will cost you no more to adopt than one of the more prevalent mixed breeds.

Pets have been found to help relieve stress by the relaxing ambience they provide and the love they give. In many cases, a dog will force you to get outside and exercise, which you will find not to be a chore but a fun way to relieve stress and stay fit at the same time.

Visit your local animal shelter. You will find it is one of the most rewarding places you will ever visit.   It’s time to add more enjoyment to your life.