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Headline: Timeless Southern Charm in a New Home

Southern charm is actually a way of life and a lovely one at that. Interior décor in the southern style is charming, livable, elegant and slightly formal but without stuffiness just like that famous Southern hospitality and charm. You can achieve this look in your new home wherever you live and in whatever style of architecture your home happens to be.

Key Elements of Southern Style

In southern-style homes, there will be oil paintings in ornate frames hanging on the walls. These paintings are especially appropriate if they are painted by local artists.

Furniture is somewhat formal in nature and is made of real wood. Antiques abound in southern homes and can be mixed with contemporary furniture with a formal feel, as long as the more modern pieces are made of wood or a natural material such as cane or willow. In fact, natural materials should be in play throughout the décor.

Walls and ceilings should be neutral in color to allow the colors and textures of furniture, rugs, draperies, paintings and accessories to stand out.

A true, southern-style home will appear as if the furniture and all the other elements in every room are collected over time. Many homes in the south, with their plantation and other styles of architecture, have been around for hundreds of years. Often the furniture, heirlooms and treasured family belongings are handed down with the estate over the years and are original to the period. So, even if you are starting from scratch, have no heirlooms or beloved family hand-me-downs, you can still create that southern-style charm by purchasing newer items that look like they came from a family-owned, southern estate.

The Formal Dining Room

A southern dining room is formal and very conducive to entertaining. This is a prime area of the home to bring the spirit and reality of old-time southern hospitality into today’s wired-up and sometimes isolationist world. In the dining room can be found all the important elements of southern-style décor. There can easily be all these elements incorporated into that one important room.

  • Formal dining set
  • Eye-catching chandelier
  • Fine china place settings
  • Oil paintings on the wall
  • Natural materials in drapes, upholstery and table linens
  • Family heirlooms such as furniture, china, silverware, artworks and candelabras

More Southern Charm…

Historic southern homes featured wide, welcoming front porches, often with columns. This feeling can be created in any size front porch with greenery and flowers in pots and a comfortable place to sit outside to enjoy that southern staple, an icy glass of sweet tea. Rocking chairs really set the mood, as do porch swings. Don’t stop there, though. Bring the outside in with greenery and fresh cut flowers throughout the house. Nature and pops of color are very much apparent in southern décor.

Symmetry is important also in the interior of a southern home. Symmetry creates a gentle, peaceful ambiance, which is quintessential to the style.

At any one of the beautiful, livable communities in Georgia and South Carolina developed by the experts at Landmark 24 Homes, you will find the home you have always wanted. Whether you choose a move-in-ready home or build from one of our floor plans, our interior designers will help you create your own charming, southern-style home so you and your family can enjoy that laid-back, yet slightly formal lifestyle.