Creating a Warm Welcome


Whether you have invited many guests or just one, and whether they are staying overnight or longer, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable in your home. This can mean anything from a thoroughly cleaned house to personal touches for each guest.

Types of Personal Touches

  • It’s a good idea to copy what some of the fine hotels do for their guests. Have a basket of toiletries in the bathrooms with items fitting either gender: toothpaste, tooth brush, mouthwash, soap, lotion, and a shower cap. An added special touch would be bubble bath or bath salts in a fragrance you know they like.
  • If you know their reading tastes, put a book or stack of magazines on the nightstand or on a shelf in their room.
  • A luggage rack or racks in each room makes it easier for guests to pack and unpack and offers a designated place to put their luggage.
  • Give each guest a key to your house so they feel free to come and go as they please.

In the Bedroom

Make sure the bedding is clean, soft, comfortable and attractive, and don’t forget clean, fresh towels in the bathroom – no old, dingy towels, please. Leave extra blankets, as some people get colder at night than others. Leave extra bed pillows as well for the comfort of your guests. You want all the lights to work, so check the bulbs and replace where needed.

The room should be odor free. This is sometimes difficult for someone who lives there to detect because they are so used to the smell. To be sure all is sweet smelling, put a fragrance holder in each room, such as a scented oil plug-in or candle that can safely burn 24/7.

Guests will welcome a decanter of water and drinking glasses by the bed as well as that traditional cruise ship favorite – chocolate mints for a soothing night’s sleep. Provide a flashlight if there are no night lights so they can safely navigate their way to the kitchen or bathroom during the night in unfamiliar territory.

Local maps or guidebooks are handy to have in the room as well as guides on how to use the TV, alarm clock, and Wi-Fi.

If there are children staying in the room, a designated basket or shelf with stuffed animals, crafts and books will be a welcome addition for the family.

In the Kitchen

Leave the type of foods and beverages in the refrigerator that everyone likes and can help themselves to any time of day or night. Some good choices would be sliced cheeses and meats to go on the crackers left on the counter, fruit salad, grapes, bottled water, orange juice and soft drinks. If you know your guests’ tastes, this will be advantageous.

Everywhere Else

Make sure there is room for privacy for each of your guests, so they can be alone when they want to be.

Provide enough seating for everyone to be together such as around the dining table or in conversation areas like the living room or den.

Don’t over-plan their entertainment, but if there are special attractions in your area, you might want to show that off, and a planned day of shopping in an interesting mall or on a particular street can be a good experience for them.

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