Setting a Classic Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving dinner brings to mind lots of family and friends sitting around a spacious dining table enjoying the classic holiday foods: turkey, yams, sage stuffing and that ubiquitous green-bean casserole. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without certain family traditions and each family has their own idea of tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving. That traditionally large dining room table at Thanksgiving is perhaps what brought the formal dining room out of the past and very much into the present. Thanksgiving isn’t the same with everybody split up in different tables in different rooms. Thanksgiving is very much about togetherness, warmth and conversation.

Creative, but Traditional Table Settings

Paper Indians, pilgrims and turkeys are for the kid’s table, if you need to have one. There is nothing wrong with putting the kids at a different table, if you must, but Thanksgiving is about family and friends and they come in a wide variety of ages and personalities.

Thanksgiving is a fall event. Fall conjures up gourds, pumpkins, falling leaves and all the colors of autumn. Different colored gourds in a wooden bowl is a good example of a centerpiece, as are vintage containers for fresh or faux flowers in reds, golds, browns and russets. A vintage container doesn’t have to be a vase. It can be an old tin that once was home to a long-gone product or any type of vintage kitchen container such as canisters, pitchers or tin mugs. Gourds can be candle holders and soap dishes can hold nuts. The décor you use can be as simple or as extravagant as you choose.

Think out of the box but keep your focus on the colors of autumn and in the spirit of the season. Keep everything on the table low enough so diners don’t have to put their necks in awkward positions to talk to anyone around the table. Thanksgiving is way more than food; it is very much about the annual gathering of loved ones, so conversation is a huge part of the table setting.

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