Getting a Jump Start on the Holidays


The holidays are almost here. Being organized and planning ahead is a great way to enjoy this merriest of seasons. The best way to remain calm and have fun is to make your plans early and create an organized to-do list to carry out your projects leaving no time for panic and plenty of time to enjoy the season with family, friends and guests. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you organized this season:

Number of Guests

The first thing on your list should be determining the number of family and guests you are planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you will have guests staying with you, prepare their quarters weeks before they arrive. Make sure everything is in working order to ensure their comfort. Check your supply of sheets, blankets and towels. If you don’t have enough, now is the time to make a list of items you will need to purchase. Make the bedrooms and baths that they will use attractive and welcoming. Personalize the space for your guests if you know them well. For example, if someone loves lavender, place a lavender-scented candle in their room. Do whatever you can to make them feel at home.

What to Feed Them

The holidays always involve food and baking! If you know how many you are going to be preparing meals, snacks and drinks for, you can easily figure out menus for each day and buy all the ingredients ahead of time. You can also bake items or meals ahead and freeze them for ease of preparedness. The frozen department of most grocery stores offers a variety of appealing appetizers to greatly aid the busy cook. Check your kitchen supply of pots, pans and serving pieces and buy whatever you are lacking to prepare and serve meals. This includes table settings, center pieces and utensils.

Buying Gifts

It is no secret that the organized holiday shoppers buy gifts early, but do they wrap them as they buy them? They should, as it saves a lot of nervous panic on Christmas Eve. Be even smarter and have the gifts wrapped at the store when you buy them. If you shop mostly on the internet, many sites offer gift wrapping at little cost.


Seating is important not just around the dinner table but wherever guests will gather, even outside if the climate permits. Envision seating arrangements and decide if you have enough tables and chairs to comfortably seat everyone. Try to arrange seating around the rooms and around the dining table to encourage conversation. Consider renting any furniture you need to supplement what you have or if possible, try to borrow from friends and neighbors.

Have a Clean House

Deep clean every nook and cranny of your home. This is definitely a family project so delegating will save time and energy. Assign rooms to each family member and supervise the work. This is the least-fun part of the holidays, so playing seasonal music and encouraging dancing during cleaning can make the task more festive. Also, remember to clean and designate an area for the tree, and invest in your energy-efficient holiday lights ahead of time (before they sell out!) to avoid that last-minute holiday rush for decorating items.

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