Our Homes are Built to Keep You Comfortable in Summer Heat


The South is famous for many things, including summertime heat and humidity. Landmark 24 homes come with a whole range of energy-efficient features that will help you keep your cool during the hottest months of the year without breaking the bank. It’s not just about setting your air conditioner to “cold” and bracing yourself for the utility bill.

Our homes come with a fully insulated shell that keep heat from entering and cold air from leaving your home in the summer. Our high-performance windows block heat and damaging UV rays from making your home uncomfortable and from harming your furniture and floors.


Features & Benefits of a Landmark24 EarthCents® Home


Landmark 24 is committed to providing families with efficient homes that will pay your capital investment forward while keeping you comfortable during the dogs days of summer and the coldest days in winter. Among the many features in our EarchCents® homes are:


  • Insulation that is efficient and effective to keep your home at consistent temperatures and keep outside noise at bay.
  • Tight construction and tight ductwork yields improved HVAC efficiency, translating to lower energy costs, improved indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Water heating options that reduce water heating expenses and heat your hot water quickly.
  • High-Performance, low-e windows that allow for enhanced day lighting, maintain consistent room temperatures, reduces condensation to prevent potential mold growth and possible water damage. UV coating protects furniture, floors and window treatments from damaging sun exposure.
  • Construction inspection and home performance testing includes independent HERS inspectors and power company professionals during construction. Upon completion, your home’s air-tightness is tested using a “blower door” and a custom test to ensure your HVAC ducting system is in optimal condition.

Efficient Appliances


Our homes come outfitted with Energy Star® appliances that use up to 50% less energy to operate than standard products. Some also use less water than comparable standard appliances. Our dishwashers and at least two other appliances or ceiling fans in your home will be Energy Star® certified.


EarthCents Program with Georgia Power

Georgia Power’s EarthCents program is available to all Landmark 24 homeowners. Residents can receive energy assessment and solutions, power credit, home energy improvement programs and other services to further expand the energy efficiency of your new home.


Landmark 24 offers a full variety of move-in ready homes, built to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, to choose from in several communities in the Savannah and Pooler, Georgia areas, as well as in Charleston and Bluffton, South Carolina. Call our office today at 912-353-1275 to explore the many different housing options we have available. Discover the pleasures and benefits of home ownership in our communities.