May is National Moving Month


The first and most important part of any move in any month is where you are moving to.  With that decided and the home purchased, it is time for the drudgery of packing your worldly goods and thoroughly cleaning the space you are leaving.


If this is a first move, you are not going to be well-acquainted with any moving company.  They are all slightly different.  You will have to interview and compare at least three companies. Some will do more for you than others at a price, of course.  Determine the maximum amount of work you want to do yourself and the maximum amount you will pay to transfer your belongings to your new home prior to comparison shopping.


 If you are willing and able to pay the price, most movers will do the entire job for you.  They will pack up everything, note where it will go in the new home, label it, put it carefully in the van, take it carefully out of the van and place everything in the designated room in the new house. They will then unpack all and arrange it to your exact specifications. This is the perfect move and few can afford it.  Let’s get back to reality.


Packing for the Move


You will need containers, shipping tape, packing materials, sticky labels in different colors and a black marker for starters.  Pack things according to the room they are destined for, rather than what type of item it may be.  Mark on a large box or container the designated room, then color code everything for that room with the same color label.


Cardboard boxes are the typical moving containers, but think outside the cardboard box.  Suitcases, waste bins, large and small plastic storage bins – anything that will keep packed items safe is fair game. Many moving companies offer storage racks for clothes on hangers for a nominal charge. 


Packing materials don’t have to be store-bought packing peanuts, bubble wrap and foam covers.  Glasses can be protected with clean socks.  Dishes will be safe with foam picnic plates inserted between each plate.  Newspapers should be saved for a few weeks before packing day.  They can be crumpled up for filler in large containers or used to wrap breakable items.  If you need to supplement packing materials with store-bought items, try a recycling plant or liquor store for the boxes. Recycling plants often have packing materials as well.


Where to Move to


For those who are just thinking of moving and haven’t decided on a destination yet, you might want to start thinking about relocating to the southeastern United States, especially Georgia and South Carolina, for the famous hospitality, rich history, an unending variety of things to see and do, and fabulous restaurants.


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