Landscaping a Newly Built Home


Landscaping for a new home is a challenge.  It also provides a wonderful opportunity to be creative and design your outdoor space to suit you and your lifestyle.  Whether you plan to do all the work yourself or hire a professional, you must draw up a landscape design.  Start with asking yourself questions about what you like, how you live, how much are you willing to spend and whether a high- or low-maintenance landscape is right for you.


Begin interviewing yourself by asking the following questions:


  • Do I entertain a lot or am I happier with solitude?
  • What colors do I like?
  • Will I be outdoors much of the year or do I spend most of my time indoors?
  • Do I find gardening a chore or is it something I like to do?
  • Do I need a fenced yard?
  • Is a swimming pool something I would use?
  • Would I like to grow flowers and perhaps a vegetable garden?


Answers to these questions will guide you into drawing up a design plan for a landscape that fits your life. 


Planning the Landscape


For outdoor entertainers, there is a multitude of choices. You might want to dedicate much of the outdoor space to an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, sink, refrigerator and a place to store grilling items. Add tables and chairs for family and guests to gather around for dining and conversation. Swimming pools and water features are ideal also for outdoor entertaining as well as family days at home.


An avid gardener would do well with most of the outdoor space devoted to flowers, plants and possibly a vegetable garden.  Begin by planning the varieties and colors of plantings you like and where to place them.  The plan might include gazebos, benches to sit and enjoy the garden, a tool shed for gardening implements and perhaps raised beds for vegetables and flowers. You might also consider a terraced garden which would include retaining walls and an irrigation system.


Maybe you are the indoor type but you have dogs, cats and assorted other pets.  A pet-friendly home requires a fence, and if you want to consider plantings, you will need to choose from the hardier varieties or protect the more delicate plants and flowers with surrounding walls.  This plan would also work well for families with young children.


In all cases, draw-up a blueprint of where the plants and hardscapes should be located and what types and colors the plantings should be.  Draw it to scale – it doesn’t have to be professional, it needs to be detailed and clear enough to show a landscaper the layout you desire.  If you are doing the landscape yourself, a detailed plan is even more important.  The point is, the landscape plan should reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle.


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