Creating a Welcoming Entryway


A home’s entryway is much like a resume – they both provide first impressions.  Everyone wants that first impression to put them in the best possible light.  It makes no difference how large or small your foyer may be or if the home has a foyer.  There are design tips to shed a positive light in any entryway. 

A well-designed entry is light, attractive and functional. 


Keep it Light


Natural light is always appealing and should be emphasized in the foyer.  However, in lieu of natural light, there are interesting design aspects of artificial lighting that will accomplish the same goal.  A ceiling light or chandelier provides light and style. Keep these fixtures within the architectural style of the home.  An elaborate chandelier in a small mid-century foyer would be out of place, but a simple geometric fixture would fit in nicely.


Tables and table lamps in a mix of period styles work well and add interest and light in a larger space.  Try a mix of Victorian, chinoiserie and Art Deco for example.


Make it Attractive


Don’t be afraid to use color – even bold colors, particularly on an accent wall to liven up the entry.  Mirrors add reflecting light and make the room appear larger.  An area rug not only adds color and style but can be a practical transition from outdoors to indoors, especially if it is the type that can absorb water and dirt tracked in by shoes.


Fresh flowers and plants are always a welcoming sight for family and guests.  Use them as much as the space allows.   


Another decorative touch that is always welcoming is to bring in some local flavor.  In Savannah, for example, famous for the Spanish moss languorously draping the trees, a botanical print of Spanish moss would be appropriate and add interest. A nod to the antebellum architecture still present in Georgia is another possibility.  


Make it Functional


Entryways can also serve a purpose.  It is common for many homeowners to ask their family and guests to remove their shoes before entering the rest of the house to avoid tracking mud and other debris into the home. A color-coordinated, indoor-outdoor rug will help keep the floors clean.  To organize coats, hats, handbags and umbrellas, as well as provide a comfortable bench for people to remove their shoes, don’t overlook the hall tree.  Hall trees can be purchased at furniture and home improvement stores and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to add function and appeal to the foyer.   


Landmark 24 Homes


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