Essential Features for Retirees


Retired persons or those planning for retirement who are looking for a new home need to take different home features into consideration more than their younger counterparts.  For home seekers in Georgia and South Carolina, or those lucky people looking to move to that area, Landmark 24 Homes has many floorplans and home styles that will appeal to the older homebuyer.  These homes are also a smart option for younger people planning to make their new home a forever home.


Suitable Floor Plans and Design Elements for Seniors and Seniors-to-be

When looking at a home, pay careful attention to the layout.  Look for an open floor plan that is conducive to independent living.  Pay attention to doorways and halls.  They need to be wide enough to easily maneuver walkers and wheelchairs.  Large walk-in showers are preferable to tubs for seniors. 

Don’t overlook the amenities for outdoor enjoyment.  Landmark 24 Homes are beautiful communities with ponds, swimming pools, trails and many other recreational opportunities right outside your door.  You can forget about driving any distance to take advantage of them – just open the door and there you are.


Safety Features Within the Home

The choice of flooring materials is very important to safety.  Hardwood and tile floors are attractive and trending now but be aware of what type of finish they have; a smooth and shiny floor can be slippery.  The look of hardwood floors with colorful area rugs is very appealing but can also create tripping hazards. Rugs can be made safe by adding a non-slip pad underneath and furniture on top to keep them in place.  As long these safety precautions are observed, tile and hardwood flooring need not be ruled out as an option. However, if carpeting is for you, keep in mind the depth or thickness of the texture of the carpet.  This is referred to as the pile and a carpet with low pile is preferable to avoid tripping and falling.

Cabinets in every room should be placed low enough to keep everything within easy reach.  Good lighting throughout the home is also a prudent safety measure.

If you prefer a two-story home, choose a floor plan with a master suite on the first floor.  The stairs themselves may be a problem in the future, but a wide stairway can be equipped with a chair lift or replaced with a ramp, so a two-story plan need not be ruled out.

Here are a few more features to consider when looking for a home for a senior resident:

Interior features:

  • Main-level living for easy access
  • Spacious floor plans conducive to family visits and hobbies and activities
  • Smaller lot sizes that require less maintenance
  • Energy-efficiency to keep utility costs down
  • Senior-friendly features such as easy-to-open door handles, shallow steps, and rocker-type light switches

 Exterior features:

  • Fitness facilities such as pools, tennis courts, or whirlpools
  • Community landscaping and walking trails
  • Large areas designated for gatherings of family and friends
  • Elegant architecture and building design


Landmark 24 Homes

Landmark 24 Homes has many planned communities located in the southeastern states of South Carolina and Georgia, where the weather is mild, and the living is easy.  There are some perfect floor plans for seniors among the wide variety offered.  Take a look at the Okatie, Pinehurst and Savannah plans.  They are perfect for senior living and all floor plans are customizable to meet your lifestyle needs.