The Keys to Community Living


If you are considering a move to a planned community or if you have just moved into one, there are certain things you need to know about living comfortably and happily within your new environment.

If the community has a Homeowners Association, which many do, read the rules and regulations carefully, and abide by them.  These are important guidelines that help you not only get along with your neighbors, but also can keep you from making expensive mistakes that may be restricted by a policy.

Many communities have rules to help everyone live in a peaceful and friendly environment.  There may be rules against noise before and after certain times of the day and rules regarding pets. The rules are usually quite reasonable and are there to maintain a friendly neighborhood environment.


Homeowners Association or not, Civility Rules

Planned communities offer the best of both worlds for the loner as well as the more gregarious types.  No matter the personality, the rules of etiquette and respect always apply, whether laid out in a formal document or not.  Here are a few neighborly reminders:

  • Pay attention to the time of day. Don’t use the leaf blower at six o’clock on Saturday morning.
  • Respect all your neighbors. Don’t be the one to start the gossip, be the one to end it.
  • Pets should not be allowed to run free. Keep Fluffy inside and Rover on a leash if you don’t have a fenced yard. While your neighbors may be pet lovers, nobody loves to pick up dog droppings or repair lawns and flower beds damaged by someone else’s pet.
  • Encourage a friendly community atmosphere by being polite to everyone.


The Exterior of the Home

It is the responsibility of all homeowners in the community to keep the outside of their home well maintained and attractive.  It is not fair to the others in the community to allow your property to sink into disrepair with weeds, falling gutters, broken windows or peeling paint, among other blights on the landscape.  Besides being unappealing to look at, the lack of curb appeal brings down the value of your home and others in the community.  Creating an attractive and welcoming home need not cost a lot of money. Keep everything repaired, the garden blooming, the lawn mown and weeded, and you are off to a very good start.  The Zillow article, 10 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal, offers great and inexpensive ideas to consider that help keep the curb appeal of your home looking great!


Landmark 24 Planned Communities offer Wonderful Places for Entertaining 

Many Landmark 24 communities feature outdoor amenities and are not far from shopping, restaurants, entertainment and family activities.  Take a look at the communities at Cumberland Point and Spring Lake in Savannah, and Forest Lakes in Pooler, GA. These communities have clubhouses made for entertaining the few or the multitudes and there are always people walking around enjoying the grounds.  To view the wide variety of home styles and floor plans in all of the communities, visit Landmark 24 Homes at