Tips for a Calm and Organized Home


The Scandinavians have long treasured a calming simplicity in their homes and have much to show the rest of the world regarding how to achieve this look of peace and charm in home décor.  The Danes refer to this as hygge, pronounced hoo-ga.


What is Hygge?


Hygge is a Danish word that is actually a concept and cannot be defined in a single word.  Hygge conveys a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoyment of the simple things in life.  Think of reading a captivating book indoors in front of a fire on a rainy night and you come close to the meaning of hygge.


 Elements of Hygge Interior Style


  • The palette will be monochromatic – no pops of color
  • The interest is in the variation of textures not color
  • Bring the outdoors in
  • Natural textures are best like real wood, metals, stones and natural fabrics
  • The tranquility of the space is due to its simplicity
  • Mix the old with the new


Remove every item in the interior that is not serving a purpose.  This will not only give more actual area to the interior space, it will simplify cleaning and moving around.  The lack of unnecessary objects adds to the serenity of the room. 


One idea to add to the spaciousness and simplicity of the interior is to paint all the walls pure white.  This can bring out the beauty of the variety of the textures that you will use in the furnishings, rugs and even the walls.  With such textural interest, there is no need for artwork hanging on walls to add that decorative touch.  If you must have art in your rooms, make one gallery wall and leave the other walls bare. 


A particularly sound idea the Scandinavians and many other Europeans employ is in their bedding.  You won’t find sheet sets, blankets and bedspreads in these bedrooms.  Instead, there will be a bottom fitted sheet, a pillow and a large down or pseudo-down comforter covered with a duvet in a neutral tone.  This duvet-comforter combo serves as the top sheet, blanket and bedspread all in one light, warm, lovely piece.  Making up the bed every morning is an easy task.  Come laundry day, wash the duvet, fitted sheet and pillowcase and that’s it.


How Landmark 24 Homes Can Help Your Hygge


Landmark 24 communities offer a variety of home styles, sizes and floor plans.  A unique feature is the interior design expertise any homeowner can access to ensure a comfortable, attractive décor suitable to their taste and lifestyle.  View Landmark 24 Home’s design gallery and ask for a consultation letting them know you are especially interested in Scandinavian design.  You will be thrilled with the result.