How to Deep Clean for Company


Holidays are not the time for procrastination, particularly if you are planning to have guests stay with you. Giving your home a top-to-bottom cleaning is not fun, so this might be a prime reason for procrastination. Don’t do it. You want to be ready for your guests when they arrive and being prepared with a clean, organized house in advance will give you more time for that last-minute shopping.

To make sure you capture everything in the home that needs attention, walk through the house room-by-room as if you never saw it before. Take notes on what you see: missing lightbulbs, carpet stains, bad smells, dingy drapes, pet hair on the furniture and cobwebs in the corners. Do not miss any details. Remember, you are viewing your home as if you were a guest coming into it for the first time.

Refer to these notes when you go to clean each room. If the list is too daunting, you might even hire someone to do the cleaning. These notes are a blueprint for them and a checklist for you when they are done. If you can talk family members into helping with the cleaning, divide them up between rooms and hand them the notes for the room(s) assigned to them.


In Every Room

There are some cleaning tasks that always need to be done throughout the entire home and not just because guests are expected, but because you and your family live in it. The mundane chores that must be done often include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Window washing
  • Mopping
  • Picking stuff up and putting it where it belongs
  • Cleaning wood surfaces of fingerprints and other smudges
  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms

Make everything as bright as possible by washing or dry-cleaning curtains and drapes, polishing everything that should be bright and shiny, replacing missing lightbulbs and cleaning the lampshades for added light.


Readying the Guest Quarters

Pay close attention to the rooms that your guests will be staying in. Wash all the linens. If they still look worn and dingy, you may want to consider purchasing some fresh, new sheets and towels, maybe even a new bedspread and blankets. Put guest soaps and lotions in the bathroom, along with unopened travel-size toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant – anything a traveler might forget to pack. Clean any soap dishes in the bathroom, wash out the tubs and toilets and clean out a drawer or cabinet so guests can stash their toiletries. Clean the closets in their room and make sure your guests have adequate space to store their clothes and shoes. Luggage racks are a great option to keep the suitcase out of the way yet available for anything they didn’t unpack but found a need for later. Your guests will really appreciate the attention you lavished on them.


The Kitchen

The kitchen often turns out to be the gathering place when entertaining, particularly during the holidays. Friends and family like to be together in the kitchen whether baking cookies, enjoying a snack or preparing the festive meals that are sure to come. The challenge for the host is to keep the kitchen clean throughout all the holiday frenzy of food prep, baking and cooking. Before family and guests come is the best time to clean the refrigerator and make space for snack items and beverages. Make the kitchen sparkle by degreasing and applying furniture polish to the cabinets. Clean the oven inside and out. Doing the heavy tasks now will help make cleaning the kitchen easier and faster once guests arrive.

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