Elements of a Coastal Christmas


Christmas décor does not have to be red and green. It can be gold and white like the sun shining on snow, or blue, green and silver like the moon shining on the sea. Christmas on the coast or even in the country’s heartland could benefit from a holiday-themed décor centered on the colors and inhabitants of the sea. To get your inspiration flowing, here are some ideas on how to pull off a coastal Christmas.



The color scheme of any coastal environment is a beautiful mix of greens, blues, whites and even some pink if you visualize the inside of a seashell. Blues such as turquoise, azure, sky and aqua are very much found at sea, as are emerald green, jade and a deep, dark blue-green found further out to sea. The very light beige to white of the sands on the beach and the pure, frothy white top of a breaking wave are also very appropriate for a holiday coastal theme.

This look can be easily achieved for the Christmas tree as well as other locations throughout the home.

  • Trim the tree with glass beads to resemble drops of water
  • Use white netting to emulate the foam of a breaking wave
  • Scatter starfish and shells throughout the tree branches
  • Use the white tulle or netting as a skirt around the base of the tree
  • Select ornaments in the blues and greens of the sea and the whites, beiges and silver of the sands


Make it Shimmer

An apt and lovely ambience for coastal-themed Christmas décor is the effect of moonlight shining on the sea and shore. This look can be accomplished in many ways with different materials. Silvery ribbon wrapped loosely around wreaths, trees and containers is one way or lightly spraying a natural fir tree or wreath with white, silvery flocking is another. The addition of finely ground silver glitter sprayed judiciously on Christmas displays is another means of adding that touch of shimmer. Go easy with the glitter; it’s a shimmer you are looking for, not a plane of silver.


Use Mother Nature

 A coastal décor theme is certainly a natural one, so bring the outdoors in and incorporate the elements in a seasonal, festive manner. Put sand in the bottom of a clear glass container, add shells and tie the silvery ribbon in a bow at the top for that shimmery natural look. Pile shells in a wooden bowl and add sprigs of pine or pine cones for a more traditional take on the season. Have fun with it and make it yours for your family and guests to enjoy all season long.

The holidays are here! Visit our move-in-now homes today and you could be in your new Landmark 24 home just in time to decorate and celebrate a coastal Christmas.