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Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 14: Because Change Is Good!


Buying a new home means big changes in life. When you move, everything gets turned upside-down. True, moves are ranked among life’s most intense stressors, but there are plenty of benefits to making a move, too. In many cases, change is good. It might be just what the doctor ordered, particularly when you are about to begin a new life chapter such as starting a family, getting married and purchasing your first home as a couple, or even retiring. New life phases sometimes require fresh starts.

Lightening Your Load

There are practical ways in which moving brings good changes. It is the perfect opportunity to lighten your material load – especially purging unused or old items that are no longer part of your lifestyle. Don’t pay to move them – get rid of them! It’s the perfect time to declutter and reap the mental benefits of having less stuff.

Exploring a New Place

A move brings lots of newness, sometimes an entire new part of the country, where you will experience a new culture. You might be moving from a big city to a town with less people. Or from inland to a coast! New places provide a new perspective and an opportunity to explore a different place. Music, food and outdoor activities may be different when you move. New experiences will come your way and you may find you are a different person in a new place. Sometimes a fresh start in life is a nice relief if you have struggled or gone through loss. It gives you a chance to root anew and rebuild your life.

Discovering New People

You may be leaving some family members and close friends, but there will be new people to discover who may wind up becoming new friends. Meeting new people will definitely broaden your horizons, and you will need to be more open and engage with others as you settle in a new place. Change definitely requires some personal growth and stepping outside your comfort zone, and perhaps some ideas or views that no longer serve you. Interacting with others is how we engage and learn in life and begin to understand more about who we are.

Embracing a New Community

When you buy a Landmark 24 home, you’re buying more than a house, you’re investing in a community. One of the hardest parts of moving is having to leave old friends and family behind, but moving into an established community puts new neighbors just outside your door. There will be neighborhood kids for your kids to play with and go to school with.

We offer many built-in amenities that will make your family feel at home. Playgrounds, community pools, ponds and parks for recreating and getting some fresh air are right in your community. The kids can walk or bike when they go out to play. Once you’re at home, there is not a huge need to jump back in the car to do anything.

Landmark 24’s master-planned communities offer ample amenities in ideal locations throughout the Southeast and have just the change you're looking for. Visit the Our Communities page to see what our neighborhood have to offer.