Creating a Versatile Dining Area


Many of us grew up in an era of separate and formal dining rooms in our homes. They may not have been used very often, and when they were, kids were not always on the invitation list. Those days are pretty much behind us. Modern families are all about using each and every part of their homes, with their children and pets. We are in an era that is more focused on function and versatility than formality, and our homes reflect that intention, particularly in how we dine.

Many of today’s home designs are open-concept, which helps a family remain connected in its daily activities, with more flow from room to room and a lot fewer walls. The great-room concept, with lots of open space between kitchen, dining and living areas, provides what today’s families who are raising young children are usually hunting for in a home.

Making a Statement with Furniture and Décor

Making your dining area the heart of your family gatherings day in and day out as a place for sharing meals, doing homework and visiting with one another translates to a more relaxed and comfortable dining space.

For a dining space that is casual and family-oriented, consider a round table and comfy chairs instead of rectangular tables and formal, straight-back chairs. Also, light and bright colors will lend to a dining area that is welcoming for the entire family. Tables that incorporate glass and steel provide a more modern and hip feel, as opposed to solid wood in deep tones that is generally for more formal spaces. Lighter and neutral-toned wall colors are more casual. Save intense pigments, like burgundy or burnt oranges, for formal dining rooms.

The light fixture you choose to hang over the table speaks volumes about the ambience you are trying to create. A formal dining area begs for a beautiful chandelier dripping in crystal. A more colorful fixture with one large shade or an iron one with a more rustic feel will warm up a fun place for family meals, especially if you have a fireplace as a statement fixture in the room.

Instead of a china cabinet, opt for a with items for every family member to use and a good place for family game night or books and even some art supplies for the kids.

If your dining area is on the small side, consider built-in benches with washable cushions for the kids’ side of the table!

When Company Comes

Sure, your dining area is heavily used by your family each and every day and that is the primary focus of the space. But most families do occasionally need or want to have a more formal presentation and dining experience when they have guests for special events or family gatherings.

Not to worry! You can easily and quickly transform your dining space with your table presentation. Different linens, dishes and centerpieces do the trick in no time. When not in use, these more formal pieces can be easily stored in either a sideboard or in another part of your home.

A More Formal Dining Experience

Perhaps you are retired and ready to reclaim a more formal dining experience where you can entertain and host friends for sit-down dinners. Our diverse floor plans also offer separate spaces for a more formal dining experience.

Every family lives differently – which is why home ownership affords a great level of freedom and happiness – and Landmark 24 is ready to meet your unique space needs.

Whatever dining room configuration you want can be found among Landmark 24’s many house plans. Informal and open concept, or a formal, separate room like in our Forest Lakes model – we’ve got plenty to choose from. You will find the dining room that is perfect for your family’s needs.

Many Landmark 24 home plans such as The Spring Mountain, The Spring Willow, The Brookhaven, and The Waverly, have spacious formal dining rooms that are the perfect space for entertaining the whole family. Visit our model homes today to explore creative dining ideas to use in your new home.