Why Buy a New Home from Landmark 24? Reason Number 23: Because You Deserve to Be Really Happy

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There are so many ways for us to be happy in our homes, not the least of which is that we get to call the shots! From paint color, to what type of flowers and landscaping, to the type of countertops and cabinets, and what time we get up and go to bed, we’re the boss. But on a deeper and more meaningful level, we are in control of building, creating and nurturing the people, values and qualities in our home that bring us a deep sense of contentment.

Your Values are Showing

Owning a home is a symbol of success on many levels, not just financial. It correlates to traditional values, our sense of family, friendship and community. Having a space for our loved ones to gather and celebrate life events, a comfortable sanctuary from life’s storms, a yard where we can play and have fun with the people and pets who are important to us – these types of activities inevitably increase our sense of happiness. Having a home of your own gives you the opportunity to put your values into visible play. It creates the foundation from which we enter the world each day.

A Great Foundation

Sure, it’s nice to have an organized and clean house. You’ve probably heard it can lead to an orderly and focused mind. But a pristine house does not always make for happy people.

Things like good, healthy food, pets who love us, little luxuries like good quality sheets or cookware, good books – these are lifestyle choices that put a lift in our step and beckon us warmly home at night.

Studies have shown that people who garden rate their sense of wellbeing significantly higher than those who do not. The ability to organize what and when you want, freely and chipping away at home improvement projects brings a deep sense of satisfaction.

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