Bringing the Outdoors into your Home


Interior decorating with natural elements has always been in style.  People find peace and tranquility in nature whether indoors or outdoors.  Bringing natural light into the home with window placement, window treatments and skylights are just a few ways to bring nature inside.


Natural Elements as a Personal Style


Decorating in a natural way should reflect your personal style.  Those features of the great outdoors that are the most appealing to you are the ones to bring indoors.  If you are calmed and euphoric around waterfalls, place a stone wall water feature as a focal point in a great room or family room.  Decorating with salvaged or recycled wood can add a natural, rugged look to any room.  Wood is also for the person with a less rustic vibe in mind.  Polished mahogany floors or wood trim are elegant yet natural. 


To complement your style with natural touches, consider using these elements in original and unusual ways.


  1. Stone – Stone is not just for fireplaces and hearths. A brick or slate wall can give a rustic touch to a living room, family room or den.  The rougher appearing the stone, the more casual and rustic will be the result.  Rugged old brick and stone salvaged from a building project give a wonderfully rustic appeal to any space.  Used building materials can be found at recycling plants and other stores that specialize in recycled materials, generally for historic home restoration projects.


  1. Wood – Think past wood floors, moulding, trim and furniture. Wood-clad walls, whether painted, stained, unfinished or recycled, add warmth, richness and texture for a cozy feel to any room. Pay attention to furnishings though. A dark wood wall demands subdued, light colored upholstery, rugs and accessories.  A light wood needs spikes of colors to liven up the room and add interest.  Wood ceiling beams can also enhance a room and bring nature in.  The beams can be light, dark, roughly finished or smooth, depending on the decorator’s personal style. 


  1. Textiles – Bringing in the outdoors cries out for natural materials in different textures. Linen is a fine example of natural fabrics and can be found in a variety of textures – from smooth to nubby to rough. For an extremely rustic look, you can’t beat burlap or hemp.  All of the textile used in upholstery, rugs, throw pillows, even wall hangings, should be in a range of earth tones to blend in with the other natural elements of the décor.


Landmark 24 Design Gallery


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