Summerville – the Source of Summer Sweetness


Summerville, South Carolina, is home to 47,000 lucky people.  Besides being known for its beauty as “The Flower Town in the Pines,” Summerville is also known for its hospitality.  In the famously hospitable South, this is quite an accolade.  The town is proud of its quaint atmosphere, rich history and easy living. They are also proud to claim Summerville as the birthplace of that southern staple – sweet tea.


History of Summerville


Summerville was first inhabited in the late 1700s by people from nearby Charleston seeking respite from the hot, humid, mosquito-ridden days of summer.  Summerville offers much cooler summer weather than Charleston with its pine forests and higher elevation, thus giving it its name.


Summerville became a modern city in the early 1800s with the advent of the railroads, which led the small village to be incorporated.  A commercial center sprang up around the railroad tracks and the village became an official town in 1847.


In the late 19th century, the extensive destruction suffered during the Civil War was evident. Then in 1886, an earthquake struck followed by fires that destroyed most of the buildings around the town square.


After these disasters came good fortune, when a coalition of French physicians declared Summerville one of the best places in the world to overcome diseases of the lungs. Inns and hotels had to be built to accommodate all the visitors who arrived for the health benefits.  These visitors were charmed by the loveliness of the town and stayed.


Since the early 1900s, tourists have flocked to Summerville in the early spring to enjoy millions of spring flowers, especially azaleas.


Summerville Today


Downtown Summerville is a thriving, historic place featuring restaurants, art galleries and many independent shops.  Enjoy a root beer float or sweet tea at an historic pharmacy.  Dine southern-style on blue crab and hush puppies in any one of the restaurants available in this unique area.


Bricks from the 1920s, discovered while excavating for a paving project, now line a pedestrian walkway known as Short Central. The town decided to keep the bricks and block the road to motor vehicles to create a pedestrian pathway that leads townspeople from their historic neighborhoods to the bustling town square.  Along Short Central are diverse shops, alfresco dining areas and taverns.  Expect to see artists at work at their easels along the walkway.


Real Estate


There are many delightful historic homes in Summerville. Historic homes do come with a price, however.  That price is not just the original cost of purchasing the home, but also the maintenance cost required to keep the home livable and attractive.  Landmark 24 homes with their new construction and community amenities are a fine option for those seeking a low-maintenance home in a beautiful, active family-friendly neighborhood. From affordable townhomes in Berkeley Commons with real oak floors, crown mouldings and walk-in pantries to the large, single-family homes with craftsman-era appeal in the master-planned community of Sanctuary Cove, homebuyers will find the ideal home for their needs in Summerville. 


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