Easy Flowers for Spring


Spring in the southern United States is legendary for its abundant, colorful blooms.  You might be surprised that many of these colorful specimens are low maintenance and will stay beautiful all through the summer into the fall.  Whether you are an experienced gardener, new to the field, or have tried and failed many times to make your garden grow, there are beautiful and foolproof plants available that are particularly suited to the southern climate.


Garden Flowers to Plant


Sedum.  There are few plants more forgiving of sun and poor soil that sedum. 

 Growing sedum is so easy, it is the ideal plant for the novice gardener.  There are many varieties of sedum including creeping and tall. The creeping sedum is good when used as ground cover; the tall sedum as a back border.  If you like butterflies, plant sedum.  They are known as butterfly magnets.


Hens and Chicks.  This interesting plant is a succulent and has excellent heat and drought tolerance as its fleshy leaves retain water.  Hens and chicks are well known and admired for their lovely shape and foliage.  However, the plants also bloom occasionally given enough age.


The “hen” bloom is a large central rosette surrounded by many smaller rosettes, the ”chicks.” The rosettes will live for three years. Just before they die, these rosettes send up a flowering stalk rising 6 to 15 inches above the rosette.  The flowers on this stalk are purplish-red in color.


Crinium or Bog Lily.  Bog lilies are clumped grass-like accent and border perennials that grow from 12 to 18 inches tall.  Bog lilies are easily grown in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.  The plants have a high tolerance for the hot, humid weather of the South.


The clumps themselves consist of strappy, dark green leaves.  The blooms are erect and somewhat flamboyant with whorls of dense lilac to purple appearing in late summer.  The flowers turn to blackish berries, which usually hang on into the winter months.


Container Gardens


Container gardens are the landscaping answer for both the master and apprentice gardener.  They are also an easy, low-cost means to instantly boost the curb appeal of the home.  The secret to an attractive container garden is the color coordination between the plant, the container and the style and color of the house.


For example, if you are working with a craftsman style home, you will want to emphasize the natural aspects of this architectural style.  Choose containers made of wood, stone,                                                                                                                                                                      metal, or clay and fill them with earth-toned flowers or plants.  Let the style and color of the home dictate the container garden for the utmost in curb appeal. 


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