Savannah in The Summer


Savannah, Georgia, any time of the year is a very special place.  Since the early 1800s, Savannah has planted trees in its downtown streets and squares providing shade in the brutal summer months and beauty year ‘round, giving the city its nickname, “The Forest City.” 

Today, its tall, live oak trees draped with picturesque Spanish moss give it a unique charm that is unmistakably Savannah.


Savannah’s Historic District

Savannah’s parks and especially its squares are an unforgettable part of the city’s landscape and must not be missed, no matter how hot and humid the weather.

Some of these city squares date back to 1733, when James Oglethorpe founded the city.  In the next hundred years, 24 squares were created of which 22 remain.  These park-like squares are spaced every few blocks throughout the city in a region now preserved as Savannah’s National Landmark Historic District.

Besides these historic squares, Savannah is home to several parks within its historic district.  Each of the squares and parks feature different statues and memorials to a time, place or person important to the city’s rich heritage.


Touring the Historic District

Guided walking tours of the historic district are the most popular means to view and learn about the region.  In the summer, however, it’s a good idea to opt for the trolley tour.  These are more comfortable and offer a quick and reasonably comfortable way to get an overview of the district. 

There are also more formal minibus tours available which target specific areas of the city’s culture and past.  This is a great option for visitors or residents to see parts of the city they may have missed on previous outings.


River Street

River Street offers a promenade along the Savannah River where one can visit historic buildings, shops, restaurants and bars along the way.  There is also a fine view of Hutchinson Island on the other side of the river.

River Street is also one of the busiest thoroughfares in Savannah. Several annual events and festivals take place in its Rousakis Plaza.  There are fireworks displays every month.

If it is too hot to walk, ride a free historic streetcar along the mile-long street.  There is also a free ferry ride to Hutchinson Island to add to the adventure and keep cool at the same time.


Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a resort town and the nearest beach to Savannah, making it a popular place all year but especially in the summer. The island has miles of beach and puts on numerous festivals and parades.  Two of its main attractions are the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum and Fort Pulaski.

There are several hotels on Tybee Island, but be sure to book early for a summer stay.  The Island is popular with both locals and visitors from afar.


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