Choosing a Great Neighborhood


The community where a child grows up can be a great foundation for the rest of their life. Access to resources like outdoor activities, educational opportunities and positive social relationships, can help a child develop the necessary life skills needed for them succeed and be happy adults. Below are a few factors to consider that can help make choosing a great neighborhood a lot easier.


Facilities for Outdoor Fun

Family centered communities tend to have well-designed and maintained playgrounds and play areas that encourage exercise, physical fitness, and social interaction.  Playgrounds can provide many social and psychological benefits to children: by allowing opportunities for making friends while engaging imaginative play. Playgrounds are also a great place for children to learn critical social interactions; such as sharing, waiting one’s turn, and expressing and controlling emotions appropriately.  A well designed playground will also physically challenge children to take risks while helping them gain self-confidence in their abilities.  Furthermore good physical activity through play can provide a release of excess energy, which can directly benefit strength building, balance, and stamina; while burning excess calories and promoting good sleep habits.

Parents can also directly benefit from playgrounds as they provide a place to meet other parents who live in the community, and the playground also provides a no-cost source of entertainment for the children.

Other opportunities for outdoor and physical activities to look in a community include pools, tennis courts, and golf courses; and nearby parks, walking trails, lakes and areas for biking, hiking, and other family centered activities.


Educational Opportunities

It is almost always assumed that great schools are associated with great neighborhoods. A positive reputation of a local public school can have a positive effect on the property values of the surrounding homes. This is because the children who live in the surrounding neighborhoods and attend the local school are a overall reflection of the residents and the values of the local community.  

The keys to identifying a good school or district are essentially the same as the benefits that can be found in one. A good ratio of students to teacher in the classroom can mean more individual attention can be given to each student. A diverse offering of elective classes and extracurricular activities provide educational opportunities beyond the standard curriculum. A well-maintained facility may incorporate the most recent safety precautions; while providing a more pleasant place to learn, and could also be an indication that there are adequate funds available for additional activities, teaching and educational resources.

Stability within the local school board, the district’s administration and the schools’ teaching staff can indicated that the community is generally satisfied with how the schools are being run. This also indicates a coherent approach to education; satisfied teachers help provide a stable learning environments for students.  In spite of the negative beliefs surrounding standardized tests, high aggregate scores indicate that the school is effectively teaching the required curriculum that the children should be learning.

A good public library is another key element of an educationally strong community. Modern libraries are much more than just stacks of books. Look for extensive media and research resources, like subscription access to online periodicals, and a vibrant program of special events and presentations.


Living in the Community

A community is more than just its facilities, it is mainly about the people who live there.

If a community has neighbors who get along, then children who live in those neighborhoods may grow up happier, feeling safer and better adjusted. This is especially helpful if some of those neighbors have children of roughly the same age that they could play with.

Many parents want their children to have the freedom to play outside; walk or ride their bikes with a good assurance of safety. Neighbors who are invested in the community tend to be more mindful of this. They may drive carefully, be more considerate, and will keep an eye out for each others’ children.  When the adults in the community “play nice together”, this encourages children to do the same and to grow into the kind of adults who cooperate to make a community work.

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