Making a New House Your Home

Moving to a new place presents new opportunities. A new house is a blank slate that you can decorate according to your own style. Taking any house from drab to fab begins with attention to detail and an understanding of your own decorating style.

You don't have to spend a lot of time or money to create a space that is all yours. Your decor is all in the details and effective organization. Sit back and watch the entire house come to life with these easy and straightforward approaches.


Creating a Whole Look

Each room should be considered even before you being to unpack. Most people want a home that expresses their view of the world and offers them the feel they want. Paint is one of the best ways to tie all the rooms together without huge cost or effort. White is elegant and light so it's a great choice if you like it modern and classic at the same time. The use of white paint in many rooms can create a blank canvas on which accessories of other colors form the “painting.” While white is one of the most popular room colors, many people like to consider other colors. Darker shades like red can help create a feel of luxury and warmth. A room in a softer shade such as lavender or mint is ideal when you want to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. 


Simple Changes

Organization is the key to taking your house and turning it into the home you've always wanted. Many homeowners are delighted to find that simple changes can make an astonishing difference.

Personalizing and nesting often begin with small things. Placing pictures on the wall in a pleasing grouping will help a house feel like yours. Decorating properly often lies in the minor steps you make. A single rug in the front hallway helps set the tone for the rest of the house. A few lamps can be placed in corners to bring light to spaces that might otherwise feel dark, and plants do a lot to establish an ambience of life and the feeling of a “settled” existence. Changing out the curtains in a few rooms can also help you set up the entire house as yours: dark and heavy for a sense of luxury or security; sheer and light to be carefree and outgoing. 


The Time to Experiment

Moving to your new house is the ideal time to think about letting your imagination come to life. This is the time to experiment. Your decor can be the wild colors you've always dreamed of with rugs made from exotic materials. Consider setting aside one room where you can put in place the latest trends and change with the fashion. If you have children, let them have a say, especially in the look of their own rooms. Many children enjoy the opportunity to experiment with you. Mix and match with them as you get used to your new spaces.