Living in an HOA Managed Community


Living in an HOA (Homeowner Association)

Owning a home in a community managed by a Homeowner Association, or HOA, has substantial benefits. According to HOA, topping that list is the protection of property values through a program of maintenance that covers the whole community. An HOA also takes the pressure of complying with local and state land use regulations off the individual.

Furthermore, community HOA's may act as mediators, by helping to resolve disagreements among residents, generally reaching swift and amicable resolutions. They can also provide financial stability, as a well-managed HOA has a forward-looking fiscal plan and financial reserve in place to provide for capital improvements and repairs to common areas, decreasing the need for unplanned special assessments.

The HOA’s Lifestyle Benefits

Aside from these financial and functional benefits, HOAs provide their members with advantages in areas of maintaining and managing the community aesthetics and amenities.

Many Landmark 24 communities in Georgia and South Carolina are maintained by an HOA.  They oversee the management and maintenance of the community amenities including clubhouses, tennis courts, playgrounds and swimming pools. Many of which are right on site for residents to enjoy without having to travel or even make plans for.  Adults and children can often walk right to their recreation, and usually come into contact with neighbors from the same community. This interaction of neighbors socializing and playing together, can help foster a strong sense of shared purpose and community.

The aesthetic benefits of an HOA are obvious when walking or driving through a community. Good street lighting coupled with attractive and well-maintained main entrances enhance the overall appeal of the community. Well-considered community standards upheld by the HOA, ensure that no homeowner can degrade the value of his or her neighbors’ property through eccentric exterior decorating choices or a lack of maintenance.

Lifestyle is also a big reason many choose an HOA managed community. Many homeowners who work a lot or travel often prefer to turn over the upkeep of their property to professionals. This is true in many of our townhome community where the exterior maintenance of the property is managed by the HOA. Having this as an option affords more free time during their free time.  When the weekend comes, they like having more time to enjoy life rather than take care of the lawn, cleaning the pool or having to power wash their home.

HOA's are Not for Everyone

While HOA's have a lot to offer, they are not for everyone. RIS Media describes some of the pros and cons of HOA's that could be worth considering.  Another factor to consider with an HOA is the exterior style of your home, if you desire a specific style then you may feel that this would be prohibited in a community that has a HOA.  Additionally HOA's, especially those that oversee condominiums and townhomes, may restrict the number and type of pets you may own.  Futhermore, HOA's may also restrict the number or type vehicles such as any large work vehicle or a boat on the property. As with any consideration when purchasing a new home, the best thing to do is research the HOA's policy and regulations to determine if it is the best choice for your lifestyle.

If you are looking to buy a new Landmark 24 home in one of our HOA managed communities, go to our homeowner association page to learn more or to contact the HOA directly with any questions about what the community has to offer.  Our professionals at Landmark 24 can also help with any community and home we offer in Georgia and South Carolina. Call us today at 912-353-1275.