How to Design Kids’ Rooms That Will Grow With Them

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Choosing the décor for a child’s room is usually one of the most fun parts about decorating a home. After all, comic book heroes and princesses are much more fun to shop for than boring adult bedspreads and artwork, right?

Unfortunately, many parents make the mistake of designing their kid’s room without thinking about the fact that their child will grow quickly—and so will their tastes and interests. What might be adorable for a 6-year-old quickly becomes an embarrassment for a preteen and usually requires a complete redo. To avoid the costly and time-consuming task of overhauling your child’s room every couple of years, consider the following tips.


Choose the Right Furniture

Cutesy nursery furniture is not so cute when your baby becomes an adolescent. To avoid having to redecorate every five years, consider investing in  full-sized furniture such as dressers, beds, and chairs. Also look into convertible furniture, like a convertible crib that can eventually accommodate a full size bed. Though it may be a bit large for them in the beginning, they will grow into it and you won’t have to deal with selling old and buying new furniture with every growth spurt.


Opt for Classic Rather Than Trendy

Trends come and go, and many parents make the mistake of investing in large, trendy pieces that quickly go out of style. When making any large purchases, such as bed frames, dressers, or nice rugs, always opt for classic colors and patterns. You can always throw in trendy touches such as pillows, posters, or knick-knacks that are affordable and can be changed at whim.


Ask Your Child for Input

Don’t forget who will actually be living in your child’s room. As soon as they are old enough to express an opinion, you should involve children in the decision of how to decorate their rooms. There will be some compromise, of course, but making sure they feel heard and that at least some of their choices are put into place will make them proud of and love their space even more.


Focus on Storage

Whether you are storing the diapers of a baby or the video games of a teenager, you will never regret building on storage options in your kid’s room. Consider colorful totes or under-the-bed storage units that can hide toys, stuffed animals, or craft supplies. Make sure closets are well-organized to handle plenty of overflow.

When choosing to decorate your kids room, don’t make the mistake of sinking time and money into designing a room for the ages they are now. Instead, invest in classic pieces and plenty of storage that can grow with them, then let them help you choose trendy touches to really make their rooms their own. If you’d like more information on our family-friendly homes, please visit our website.