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Welcome to Landmark 24 Seven

Landmark 24 Homes is Savannah, Georgia's largest local new home builder. 

Learn more about us, find out what we're talking about, and follow our blog to stay informed.


Choosing the Right Size Home for your Family

The larger the family, the larger the home needed, right? But what if a smaller family likes to entertain long-term guests? The point is, it’s not just about how many people live in a home; it’s also about how they use it.

Retirement Living in Georgia

Long gone are the days of retiring just to sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and watch the world go by. Today’s retirees are active and have more options than were available during their working years. Among the most desirable options is the freedom to live wherever they choose.

Helping Kids Plan a Memorable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for children to show their mom just how much they appreciate her and all she does for them every day. Young children will probably need a bit of help, but it will be well worth it for everyone involved. Mother’s Day, after all, is a family affair.

Baby Proofing Your Home

The time to baby proof your home to make it safe for the precious new visitor is before the baby is born. Babies grow quickly, from being barely able to move to crawling all over the home in curious exploration. You need to make sure every inch of it is free of hazards for the little explorer.

Timeless Southern Charm in a New Home

Southern charm is actually a way of life and a lovely one at that. Interior décor in the southern style is charming, livable, elegant and slightly formal but without stuffiness just like that famous Southern hospitality and charm. You can achieve this look in your new home wherever you live and in whatever style of architecture your home happens to be.

Exploring Charleston, South Carolina

Tourists have made Charleston a beloved destination and it is no wonder. With its cobblestone streets, historic architecture, incredible food and multiplicity of activities, it can’t help but be a popular place to visit. South Carolinians take note. You can easily be perpetual tourists in your own great city of Charleston.

Designing an Intentional Laundry Room

Utilitarian and functional doesn’t have to mean boring and unattractive. Whether your laundry area is a spacious room all its own or a corner closet, an attractive, well-organized space will make laundry day seem like much less of a chore.

Home Updates that Pay Off

Real wood furniture is beautiful and getting harder to find at any price. Don’t let a few scratches, dings and dents on your wood furniture or wood surfaces lead you to completely strip and refinish the surface, or even worse, throw that lovely, but imperfect piece out in the trash.

Household Fixes for Scratched Wood

Real wood furniture is beautiful and getting harder to find at any price. Don’t let a few scratches, dings and dents on your wood furniture or wood surfaces lead you to completely strip and refinish the surface, or even worse, throw that lovely, but imperfect piece out in the trash.

Creating a Coffee Bar at Home

Because our days can be so hectic, it’s nice to start them off with something comforting and tasty. It is even nicer if you don’t have to get dressed to venture out for your morning pick-me-up. This is where your in-home coffee bar comes in.

Featured Home Plan: Sea Drift

Savannah, Georgia, is not only a thriving historical coastal city, it is also home to the beautiful Savannah River with its famous riverfront.

Adding Charm to an Office Space

A home office has the same requirements as a traditional office away from home. They are both organized and laid out for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Date Night Ideas for a Valentine’s Day at Home

A romantic evening at home for just the two of you can be much more intimate than the typical dinner and a movie date. Make the evening glow with activities, food and drink that hold fond memories for both of you.

Garage Organization Ideas

The purpose of a garage is to store vehicles to protect them from harmful elements when not in use.

Prep for a Spring Garden

The key to creating a successful spring garden that lasts into the summer is to plan for it early. Visualize how your garden looked last year, and how you used it. Did some plants not thrive in that space? Were garden items difficult to get around? Perhaps some foliage was trampled because the area lacked a footpath, or the landscape was crying out for a water feature.

Wintering a Southern Storm

One doesn’t normally think of snow storms in the southern part of the United States, but lately it seems that snow, wildfires and flooding can occur anywhere and anytime of the year. Even though we have mild winters here in the South, it is best to be prepared and know what to do if there is a snowstorm in the forecast.
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